Saturday, 16 June 2012

#65 Life According to my iPhone - Week 23

23 - Week 23 (1)
23 - Week 23 (2)

Monday: Cocktails with Sinead along the river in Leeds and TGI's <3 

23 - Week 23 (3)

Tuesday: Jubilee Party

23 - Week 23 (4)

Wednesday: Day out in Ilkley 

23 - Week 23 (5)

Thursday: Benefit event, Nandos, Cocktails with the lovelies aka Charlotte, Sinead, Ray, Tor

23 - Week 23 (6)
23 - Week 23 (7)

Sunday: Helping a mummy bird find this little baby tonka who was hidden in the garden unable to fly or cry or pretty much do anything; Milo went mooching and came back caked in mud; Bacon and haloumi cheeseburgers with salad and potatoes; Late night mani, China Glaze Pink Voltage & Models Own Pink Fizz

Sorry for yet another life according... post... I really wanted to get this one up tonight as then I am back on track! And apologies for the ton of pictures in this episode..As I mentioned previously I was off work last week and a very busy bee! There are hardly any pictures for this week so it can make up for that lol.

I've been loving seeing everyones Jubilee posts, so exciting! I am such a Royal Family freak! Love the Queenie! Well all of them actually!

Hope you've enjoyed these piccies :) 



  1. Oh I'm jealous of all the cocktails and Sinead you have in your life- I want in please. Miss you girls :) x

  2. I love these posts of yours! Love your jubilee pictures :) x