Thursday, 10 May 2012

#57 Things I Love Thursday

Happy Thursday!! 

♥ Shopping after work with a good friend, laughing lots, spending money and eating Nandos
♥ Not feeling as stressed out thing week, feeling pretty good...always good!
♥ Planning a night out this Saturday although I have no idea where I am going to go! 
♥ Getting ready to see Westlife with Sinead on Monday night! 
♥ Looking forward to having Tuesday off work 
♥ Ordering Fifty Shades of Grey and it arriving pretty much next day
♥ Buying some more Xen Tan goodies and getting ready for Summer! 
♥ Watching more episodes of Army Wives! I am obsessed with this programme!! Absolutely love it - anyone else a fan?? 
♥ Finally getting into Drakes Take Care album months after I bought it, love this song! Kinda obsessed with the video too in a :O kinda way...then a totally jel way when Drake comes in looking all sexy at the end lol. 

What have you been loving today? 


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