Monday, 7 May 2012

#56 Life according to my iPhone week 18

I wish it could be Bank Holiday weekends every week. A four day working week, with a day off to just chill and enjoy as you wish? Yes please!

This last weeks photos are very boring, I barely took any which is why these are so rubbish, scraping the bottom of the barrel! 

1. Bought a tin full of shortbread from M&S for the Jubilee - I plan to keep this box forever! My mum has one from the Jubilee when she was about twelve (think that would have been the Silver Jubilee) still in the loft full of things from that year/event. So far in mine there is random things that can be bought now in the shops, I'm going to a friends party that day so am thinking of getting the photos developed and keeping them in the tin :)
2. Milo jumped in the wardrobe when I was getting dressed the other day, was totally cute!
3. Bought The Hunger Games books as they were only £5 (for all three) at the Book People at work. 
4. Scranning a Dominos on Friday night as I was home alone watching my beloved Jason Donovan on Piers Morgans Life Stories. 
5. Picked up the new Lucazade 50 calories drink on Friday and was pleasantly surprised! 
6 and 7: Feeble attempts at taking photos of the Supermoon on my iPhone Friday night. Looked brilliant but my phone couldn't capture that! 

I've spent my day leisurely sleeping in, going shopping and then cooking up a delicious feast whilst watching One Day which I bought today and was so disappointed with it! I know it is so rare for a film to ever do a book justice, and to tell the truth I found the book itself overrated but the film was just so... rubbish. Still, at least I only paid £7 for it and didn't waste a load of money at the pictures on it!

What did everyone else get up to this long weekend?



  1. My weekend was pretty chilled, love your kitty going in the wardrobe mines the same!! :)

  2. I've been meaning to pick up the Jubilee tin too! Totally forgot about it when I was in M&S at the weekend!

    I also hated the One Day film, loved the book though! xx