Thursday, 3 May 2012

#54 Things I Love Thursday

I can't remember when I first started reading Gala Darling's blog but it's been on my reader a long time. I recently watched a video she linked to (here) and at some point in there she talks about when she started, and still does now, Things I Love Thursday, and how it caught on and so many people do this now, each Thursday, on their blogs. Here's the little reminder she put at the end of this weeks TILT posts: 

A reminder: The reason I do these lists every week is to remind me of the positive! They are one of my essential happiness practices: they keep me focussed on what is good in my world, & stop me from dwelling on the flaws or difficult moments. If you’re struggling with happiness right now, you should start writing these lists, too! If you’re not struggling, making a habit of counting your blessings will rocket you to another dimension of bliss! Guaranteed!

So I guess in the words of Gala, I'm struggling with happiness right now so I thought I would start giving this TILT thing a whirl. Who else participates so to speak in this? Please leave me your link in the comments if so! The idea is that anything, no matter how small or large, that has made you happy that day should be noted, even if it is something very very simple, just anything you can think of that has made you smile! 

Being the first time I've done this I don't have very many to start with, I'm hoping that if I keep on doing this I will have a bigger post like Gala does! But - everything counts right? So here are the ones that have lifted my spirits today: 

Finishing my book at dinner time today, I have been reading Adele Parks Tell Me Something and quite enjoyed it 
The day not dragging - first time in ages? Seems like at the moment every time I look at the clock only a second has ticked by!
My new dress arriving from Dorothy Perkins - not sure if I am going to keep it but I can't deny I love receiving post!
Eating a simple but nice lunch - tuna and cucumber sandwich in granary bread with some crisps! 
Waking with enough time to put a full face of make up on and do my hair before leaving the house - sounds simple but oh, so many times it doesn't happen!
Getting up to date with my diary - I have been skipping quite a bit lately so before turning the computer on tonight I caught up with it all and feel so glad I have! 
Knowing I have paid my holiday off! I only booked it last month and it's not until August but it's great knowing I only have to think about my 'spending' money now, and I'm not thinking of that until the month I go :) 
Notifications from eBay that I've had bids on my items! 
Trawling through the pages of STA Travel North America brochures makes me so excited and happy, even though I'm not planning on taking the trips, just reading about them excites me! 
Discovering new music I've not heard before

So, what have you loved about today? 


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