Friday, 4 May 2012

#55 life according to my iPhone...weeks 15, 16 and 17!!

So I really didn't want to miss uploading these pics as the whole weekly picture thing is something I want to keep up with, I really enjoy looking at other peoples and hope you won't get too bored looking at the millions of photos that will follow this paragraph! I can't believe three weeks have flown by just like that, where has the time gone! 


On Bank Holiday Monday (all the way back now on the 9th April!) I went to Ilkley for the day. It was a wet rainy day but I do really love wandering round Ilkley having a nose in all the charity shops which are always so much better than my local ones. I spotted these random cute ducks just on a grass perch in the car park which was weird, no idea where they had sprung from, and this was a book I found in Oxfam and put back. It was Easter Monday after all so after getting home and dried off I picked up my M & S chocolate bunny and settled down with some DVDs! And finally my brother took this picture of my cat Milo and I just thought it was a brilliant pic, such a close up! 


Bit of a baby week! My friends daughter who I have shown on here before because she is the cutest thing I know popped into work looking adorable as per, and I met my cousins baby daughter the following Saturday, in England for the first time as my cousin upped sticks and emigrated to Australia. 


Not even going to deny that I find Sir Tom a bit attractive for an OAP, my favourite judge on The Voice, treated myself to a shiny new iPod :), I screenshotted this bear from the DM as I thought it was immensely cute! And another of Milo, perched on the bed - obviously sat nearly falling off instead of sitting where there was loads of room. 


Had a spontaneous night out in Leeds on the 21st with my friend Joanne, had a good night although you know, these days I just do not know where to go in Leeds anymore? Any suggestions?!


Me and my brother Alix went to Nandos, followed by Asda for all this loot, and once again (I know, I just can't stop showing pics of Milo, she is too cute) Milo stretched on my bed :) 


Slept at my friends and got to see cuteness again, who can now say my name and it is somewhat of a novelty, I have so many vids of her just saying 'Carla. Carla. Carla' over and over #dies and oh! look at that, more feline activity. 


Booked St Georges Day off work with my friends Joanne and Vicky, and my boss came along too. So these were the cheapo £1 Primark nails I glued on and thought they were pretty neat actually for what they were, whats a day drinking without taking photos with big fake glasses and drinking cocktails? 


Another pic of St Georges Day, a rainy pic of the Town Hall in Leeds, a snap of my pizza from Casa Mia in Leeds and finally I am addicted lately to stir fries with broccoli and pepperoni and noodles #yum

So many pics up there, actually didn't realise how many Milo was in until now haha, I will leave it here as I will be posting week 18 in a couple of days! Don't forget to say HI if you made it this far lol :) 



  1. Ahh I miss Leeds! When I go and visit we always go out in Call Lane- Jakes, Brooklyn Bar and Neon Cactus- love them!xx

  2. Grea post I love your photos you always look so happy and smiley.

    I hope you don't mind me saying but your brother really reminds me of Dec Donnelly (aka Ant & Dec) I hope he is not offended by that but he so looks like him in that photo. x

    I love bears and that pic is so cute. So you are loving The Voice too...I am really enjoying it and its weird but I never used to like Tom Jones but I actually think he comes across as a nice guy x