Sunday, 8 April 2012

#52 life according to my iphone week 14

Hola ladies!

Soo...has anyone overdone it on the chocolate front? I've had quite a bit I have to admit but really I'm dying to hit the crisps...I successfully gave up crisps for lent and fully intended to stock pile my favourites for today and totally forgot! Going to have to hit the supermarket tomorrow - have my mind stuck on doritos, salsa and cheese = yum! 

Monday my day started off with early morning cuddles from Milo <3 and ended with probably the most delicious stir fry I have ever made - my mouth is watering thinking about it!! Tuesday was the other directors birthday at work (last week I went on a different birthday lunch with the other director!) and we were treated to Piccalinos for dinner! When eating there I see no point in going unless it involves the Gamberoni aglio e olio (sauteed king prawns, chilli and garlic butter on toasted tuscan bread!) and would gladly just eat lots of this as a main course! For my main I had steak and totally forgot to snap a pic as I was too greedy and couldn't wait to put it in my mouth! A lovely meal. 
Wednesday's outfit, Wednesdays tea. The Labour MP Ed Balls was knocking on doors when I got home on Wednesday - I found my mum cowering in the kitchen in her dressing gown pretending no one was home, and yes, like a saddo I snuck upstairs and took photos of Ed outside my house when he was posing for his own photos! Woke up to snow on Wednesday as well which although it had been forecast I was still shocked to see! 
Good Friday: Outfit pose: River Island jumper and Topshop Ambush boots; Nandos, me and Lauren being stupid in Accessorize - right before we were told off by the security guard! Not for messing with the stock of course, but for taking photographs inside the White Rose Centre, as it is in fact forbidden. Total load of tosh if you ask me!  

The top two were actually Thursdays FOTD and lunch time in the park (yes, sunny enough to sit in the park, in contrast to Wednesday's snow!) spotting cute squirrels running around! (Well, maybe they look cute but I know from experience in New York they are totally scary up close!!) My brother bought me a new lamb teddy for my 'collection' - I love lambs and have a bit of an obsession with buying things to do with them... and my Easter Sunday was spent rediscovering the joys of my youth - Babysitters Club books and Sweet Valley Twins/High books! 

Hope everyone has had a fantastic Easter this year, cannot believe it is April already! 



  1. omg, the cat in the first picture. you should use it as the subject of a 'find a caption' for a giveaway or something. for me the caption should say 'if you think i am going to move out of my sunny spot, right here, right now, well you are truly mistaken milady. am i clear or do you want a drawing with that? ' :) haha

  2. bwhahahaha, just noticed the squirrel, looks like he's doing something fishy, like stealing some crap and hoping no one is seeing him while tip toing his way out of the crime scene
    i need some sleep, clearly ...

  3. Love the dress you are wearing you look great .


  4. You look lush on the Thursday picture sexy lady. I'm trying to find SVH books to download on my kindle- i have no shame in the matter neither <3 xxxx

  5. Your foodie shots are making me damn hungry! ;) x

  6. I love these posts, that dress looks lovely on you! x