Sunday, 8 April 2012

#51 life according to my iphone - week 13

Happy Easter ladies!

So this is what should have been posted last Sunday, my weekly catch up!

Reception at work has now been completely ripped out and looks so much different! / A pic I took from my bedroom, the sky looked gorgeous!

The director at work turned 51 and took me and my colleague to La Tasca for lunch...champagne, warm bread, prawns, chicken, potatoes...absolutely gorgeous.

I won a bar of Galaxy! Finally eating tons of minstrels paid off lol. My attempt at Beyonce on Draw Something...never realised how crap I was at drawing until this!

Last Saturday was my friends birthday and we went to Manchester for the day. it was a good day, I went to a couple of places I've never been before including on the Manchester Wheel! I've wanted to go on this for so long! 

I'll be posting again this afternoon with this weeks pictures to get back on the meantime don't OD on chocolate ;-) xx


  1. I've still not been on the Manchester Wheel yet and have wanted to for ages!
    Great photos :)

    1. Aw you need to, when I googled it to see the opening times one article I saw said it was being taken down this month!? Don't know how true that is but just in case!!