Monday, 2 April 2012

#50 life according to my iphone week 12

A very late post here! This last week has been a bit busy, and I haven't really been in the mood to be blogging/reading blogs but I didn't want to miss out on these posts. So this is week 12, 19 - 25 March! 

Picking up KFC 10% off cards from the newly opened one in Leeds Station - took them long enough to open one there! Freshly washed bedding and catch up TV :) New Topshop buys :) Beautiful tea - kale, potatoes and pasta YUM 
Bought Goodnight Sweetheart DVD - never watched it and it sounds like something I will like! Having a refurb at work so spent the last day taking photos before it all got ripped out! Had a rare night out (I'm such a loser never going out) and really enjoyed it - also reverted back to my 18 y.o self and drank a blue WKD - forgot how much I used to like these!!
Went for a ride out to Emley Moor Mast and the surrounding areas - it was such a lovely lovely day, really hot and sunny and we stopped for an ice cream (although my flake fell out and I was gutted :( ) 

Have you been enjoying the hot weather? It's been gorgeous hasn't it - although at the time of writing this it seems to be going back to horrible rainy and snowy weather, it seems so ridiculous! 


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  1. Love your scenic shots at the end. I remember those blue drinks - making my tongue blue too!

    The doll on fashion