Sunday, 18 March 2012

#49 life according to my iPhone - week 11

How my Monday was spent: Getting my clothes ready for walking the next day, Cuddles with Milo, Pizza and pastries from Costco (healthy I know) 

Tuesday Alix got his new car and I spied on him and my dad cleaning it and took pictures like a CSI or something
Really love Geri Halliwell and wanna look this hot in shorts one day! Also want these shoes from Next but discovered they are over 5 inches and I just can't do that anymore! Eating macaroons, reading and painting flowers on my nails this afternoon
Food this week: Chorizo omelette, jacket and tuna salad, gnocci and salad. All very very delicious and combined with my 9 miles of walking this week I was pleased to note I have lost 3lbs. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Mothers Day, we got my mum some flowers, macaroons and lots of Lush products so the house smells heavenly right now! 

What have you spent the day doing? 



  1. ooo is it me or your layout has changed? I usually read you on google reader you see, and only come on the website when i want to comment.
    the first photo looks like you're laid on a bed and that someone (stuck on the ceiling) is taking a photo of you, from above.

    liloo / @tsunimee xx

  2. Great post my lovely! First off! 3lb loss! Well done babes thats blooming fantastic! High fives all round! & 9 miles walking through the week? Totes amazeballs doll face!

    I love reading your life according to your iphone posts! Food looks yummy as always! The omelette looks immense! Love chorizo! Loving Alex's new car also!

    Love xxxxxx

  3. congrats on the loss!!


  4. Love the nails, they look ace! Well done on the weight loss, go you! x

  5. Aww milo!!! Congrats on the weight loss! I spent mothers day with my mom and my family :)

  6. Well done on the weight loss! Great pictures, loving the nails :)

  7. Love the look of the nails and congrats on the weight loss...well done xx

  8. Congrats on the weight loss! And now you've got me craving macaroons and pastries, haha. Was Geri Halliwell your favourite 'spice' from the Spice Girls? Hope you've been having a great weekend :)