Tuesday, 13 March 2012

#48 Hot Right Now

I have been meaning to pick up a travel atomizer for about three years but its one of those things that I never get around to purchasing - pretty silly really, considering I will instead lug massive bottles of perfume around in my handbag, knocking the bottles to bits. I know they retail for roughly around £10 in places such as Boots and Superdrug, and after a conversation with someone at work last week about them I hit up eBay to see if I could get any a little cheaper. I found a seller with a deal on coloured atomizers for £3.79 or three for £9.99. I figured it wouldn't hurt to pick up this deal for what it was, and set about picking three of the seven colours available. I decided on pink, red and purple as you can see and they arrived today. I am really impressed with the quality of these and very pleased I decided to try eBay first rather than head out and spend £10 on one single atomizer. These hold 4ml  and as with all atomizers, to fill you take the head off your perfume bottle and just pump the perfume into the holder until full. It is going to be so much easier carrying perfume around with these! The seller, for anyone interested, can be found here.  

I also had yesterday off work to use my holiday up for the rest of the year and headed down to the White Rose centre in the morning to do a spot of shopping. I ended up picking up a couple of tops from Primark and H & M and some basic vests and joggers from New Look, and as always couldn't resist checking out the cheapo jewellery sections. I bought these three pairs of earrings, I am loving the feather earrings around these days, even with your hair scrapped back you can still have an touch of glamour with a pair of earrings! I;m still a bit undecided about the pink ones; I'm not sure if they're a bit tacksville, but hey who doesn't love a bit of tack. 

Above: H & M Pink & Gold Earrings, £3.99. New Look Green Feather Earrings, £2.99
Below: H & M Black Feather Earrings £3.99

I've had a very good day today, I took some trainers and clothes to change into and began a little walking regime with a friend at work at lunch time. We planned to walk three out of five lunches a week but both actually had such a good time and enjoyed knowing that not only did we like the actual walking, we were burning calories and able to enter it into our My Fitness Pal apps and see the results, that we were speaking about perhaps doing it five out of five. I also switched up my route home and got a bus to the centre of my nearest town and walked home from there so that was an extra bit of fitness! 

This was the route we used today, we're not going to do the same one each day we don't think, so we don't get too bored, but I think this was quite a good one, it's pretty much round the outskirts of Leeds City Centre, well, the bits you'd be at on foot if that makes sense, this works out at 47 minutes walking according to Google and to us! 

How do you find the best way to fit exercise into your daily life? Any tips are welcome!! I used to be a massive fan of getting off the bus a couple of stops early! 



  1. They had them in town for a tenner *another thing added to wish list for pay day*

  2. Bar the gym, the best fitness tip is just to power walk everywhere instead of a normal slow pace. It makes such a significant difference!

  3. I really need some earrings like this. I own one pair, and wore them with a black dress least week... it was surprising how it brightened up the hole thing :)
    Great choices! x


  4. ooh...I really like your blog! Wonderful post;)

    I am doing a survey of bloggers, and I want to ask you a couple of questions.)
    1.) How old are you?
    2.) How old is your blog?
    3.) Why you created a blog?
    4.) How long you plan to carry it?

    In the earlier, thanks!

  5. I love the earrings esp the green feather ones xx

  6. Bloody hell that is a cracking route- definately puts my lunchtime mile to shame xxx