Sunday, 11 March 2012

#47 life according to my iphone - week 10


Tues: Staying at my friends mid week means I get to see this cheeky face which cheers me up no end. Sulking because I'd pulled her dummy out, back to smiling in seconds, then later on in her gorgeous PJ's. 

Wed: Went to the Illamasqua event and met some beauties, outfit post, Ray and Charlotte, a promo pic from the new collection and my got my nails did. 

Thur: Lunch: Reading Heats interview with Jason D and eating warm bread and chilli prawns. My Fitness Pal tracker informing me I had eaten less than 1000 calories left me made up for the rest of the night. Checking the weather out for next week, when I start walking in my lunch hour with my friend! 

Fri: Pasta bake for tea after a long day!!

Sat: Blogging and Mr Kipling Lemon Bakewells

Sun: Milo sat on my mums knee for ages and when she jumped up she left these two paw prints, we thought this was so cute!! Third time this week chicken, wedges, kale and nandos has been in my life. 



  1. Great pics, the little girl is sooo cute :) xx

  2. I look bloody scary on that picture haha <3 xxx

  3. Great photos sounds (and looks) like you had a fab week x