Monday, 5 March 2012

#46 - Elle Magazine March 2012

I barely buy magazines any more. There was a time when I would spend £50 or so a month on them and have piles of them laying around. Nowadays I buy Company the most, but I kinda think a lot of magazines are a load of drivvel really, I feel like I'm in the middle - I'm either too old for some magazines, I feel they're aimed at younger people and people in different situations to me or I feel too young for others, all about women in their 30's in completely different situations to me again... I don't mind parting ways with money for a good freebie though. Who doesn't love a good magazine freebie? 

This months Elle, a magazine I would never in a million years pick up, caught my eye. As I have blogged about before I am currently on a make up buying ban, and only picking up things once what I am using is finished. Once my current mascara, Maxfactor False Lash Effect, is finished, I wanted to pick up Soap & Glory's Thick and Fast Mascara. I've seen lots of reviews on it and looks like it could rival my top two all time favourites, Benefits Bad Gal and the False Lash Effect. S&G retails for £10.99 but in this months Elle it is freeeeee...

So, paying £3.90 I saved £7.09 and cannot wait to use this. The brush as you can see is a thick one which reminds me of Benefit - I will be really interested to see if this matches up. Have you used this? What were your opinions?

The only reason I bought the mag was the freebie and I found the magazine itself really boring (and just full of adverts of course) apart from the page near the back about Soap & Glory. I never knew the founder of Soap & Glory was the founder of Bliss Spas, or Fit Flops! It was really interesting to read. You also get a £2 off Soap & Glory cosmetics in the mag - I already have my eye on Glow All Out!

I also nipped into Boots last week for some essentials and was pleased to see the return of the No 7 vouchers! I usually use mine to stock up on their make up wipes (does anyone ever pay full price for them?!) but this time have picked up an eye brush and some eye make up remover I saw a good review on. What do you usually use your for? 



  1. think im going to try my self to a no7 varnish with my voucher! xx

  2. Hello :)

    I really want to try the mascara!



  3. That's a great free gift, I may have to pick up this months Elle! My mom pays for a Vogue subscription for me, which was initially a present about 5 Christmas' ago. Getting rather bored now though and have 5 months worth piled up, unopened. It may be time to switch!

    I use my No 7 vouchers for anything I need at the time (suncream etc. in the summer) or new eyeshadow palettes and nail varnishes if I want to experiment with new colours.

    Laura x