Sunday, 18 March 2012

#49 life according to my iPhone - week 11

How my Monday was spent: Getting my clothes ready for walking the next day, Cuddles with Milo, Pizza and pastries from Costco (healthy I know) 

Tuesday Alix got his new car and I spied on him and my dad cleaning it and took pictures like a CSI or something
Really love Geri Halliwell and wanna look this hot in shorts one day! Also want these shoes from Next but discovered they are over 5 inches and I just can't do that anymore! Eating macaroons, reading and painting flowers on my nails this afternoon
Food this week: Chorizo omelette, jacket and tuna salad, gnocci and salad. All very very delicious and combined with my 9 miles of walking this week I was pleased to note I have lost 3lbs. 

Hope everyone has enjoyed their Mothers Day, we got my mum some flowers, macaroons and lots of Lush products so the house smells heavenly right now! 

What have you spent the day doing? 


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

#48 Hot Right Now

I have been meaning to pick up a travel atomizer for about three years but its one of those things that I never get around to purchasing - pretty silly really, considering I will instead lug massive bottles of perfume around in my handbag, knocking the bottles to bits. I know they retail for roughly around £10 in places such as Boots and Superdrug, and after a conversation with someone at work last week about them I hit up eBay to see if I could get any a little cheaper. I found a seller with a deal on coloured atomizers for £3.79 or three for £9.99. I figured it wouldn't hurt to pick up this deal for what it was, and set about picking three of the seven colours available. I decided on pink, red and purple as you can see and they arrived today. I am really impressed with the quality of these and very pleased I decided to try eBay first rather than head out and spend £10 on one single atomizer. These hold 4ml  and as with all atomizers, to fill you take the head off your perfume bottle and just pump the perfume into the holder until full. It is going to be so much easier carrying perfume around with these! The seller, for anyone interested, can be found here.  

I also had yesterday off work to use my holiday up for the rest of the year and headed down to the White Rose centre in the morning to do a spot of shopping. I ended up picking up a couple of tops from Primark and H & M and some basic vests and joggers from New Look, and as always couldn't resist checking out the cheapo jewellery sections. I bought these three pairs of earrings, I am loving the feather earrings around these days, even with your hair scrapped back you can still have an touch of glamour with a pair of earrings! I;m still a bit undecided about the pink ones; I'm not sure if they're a bit tacksville, but hey who doesn't love a bit of tack. 

Above: H & M Pink & Gold Earrings, £3.99. New Look Green Feather Earrings, £2.99
Below: H & M Black Feather Earrings £3.99

I've had a very good day today, I took some trainers and clothes to change into and began a little walking regime with a friend at work at lunch time. We planned to walk three out of five lunches a week but both actually had such a good time and enjoyed knowing that not only did we like the actual walking, we were burning calories and able to enter it into our My Fitness Pal apps and see the results, that we were speaking about perhaps doing it five out of five. I also switched up my route home and got a bus to the centre of my nearest town and walked home from there so that was an extra bit of fitness! 

This was the route we used today, we're not going to do the same one each day we don't think, so we don't get too bored, but I think this was quite a good one, it's pretty much round the outskirts of Leeds City Centre, well, the bits you'd be at on foot if that makes sense, this works out at 47 minutes walking according to Google and to us! 

How do you find the best way to fit exercise into your daily life? Any tips are welcome!! I used to be a massive fan of getting off the bus a couple of stops early! 


Sunday, 11 March 2012

#47 life according to my iphone - week 10


Tues: Staying at my friends mid week means I get to see this cheeky face which cheers me up no end. Sulking because I'd pulled her dummy out, back to smiling in seconds, then later on in her gorgeous PJ's. 

Wed: Went to the Illamasqua event and met some beauties, outfit post, Ray and Charlotte, a promo pic from the new collection and my got my nails did. 

Thur: Lunch: Reading Heats interview with Jason D and eating warm bread and chilli prawns. My Fitness Pal tracker informing me I had eaten less than 1000 calories left me made up for the rest of the night. Checking the weather out for next week, when I start walking in my lunch hour with my friend! 

Fri: Pasta bake for tea after a long day!!

Sat: Blogging and Mr Kipling Lemon Bakewells

Sun: Milo sat on my mums knee for ages and when she jumped up she left these two paw prints, we thought this was so cute!! Third time this week chicken, wedges, kale and nandos has been in my life. 


Monday, 5 March 2012

#46 - Elle Magazine March 2012

I barely buy magazines any more. There was a time when I would spend £50 or so a month on them and have piles of them laying around. Nowadays I buy Company the most, but I kinda think a lot of magazines are a load of drivvel really, I feel like I'm in the middle - I'm either too old for some magazines, I feel they're aimed at younger people and people in different situations to me or I feel too young for others, all about women in their 30's in completely different situations to me again... I don't mind parting ways with money for a good freebie though. Who doesn't love a good magazine freebie? 

This months Elle, a magazine I would never in a million years pick up, caught my eye. As I have blogged about before I am currently on a make up buying ban, and only picking up things once what I am using is finished. Once my current mascara, Maxfactor False Lash Effect, is finished, I wanted to pick up Soap & Glory's Thick and Fast Mascara. I've seen lots of reviews on it and looks like it could rival my top two all time favourites, Benefits Bad Gal and the False Lash Effect. S&G retails for £10.99 but in this months Elle it is freeeeee...

So, paying £3.90 I saved £7.09 and cannot wait to use this. The brush as you can see is a thick one which reminds me of Benefit - I will be really interested to see if this matches up. Have you used this? What were your opinions?

The only reason I bought the mag was the freebie and I found the magazine itself really boring (and just full of adverts of course) apart from the page near the back about Soap & Glory. I never knew the founder of Soap & Glory was the founder of Bliss Spas, or Fit Flops! It was really interesting to read. You also get a £2 off Soap & Glory cosmetics in the mag - I already have my eye on Glow All Out!

I also nipped into Boots last week for some essentials and was pleased to see the return of the No 7 vouchers! I usually use mine to stock up on their make up wipes (does anyone ever pay full price for them?!) but this time have picked up an eye brush and some eye make up remover I saw a good review on. What do you usually use your for? 


Sunday, 4 March 2012

#45 life according to my iphone - week 9

L - R

Yummy mango and watermelon slices / Browsing the STA brochures constantly / spag bol / Cadburys eggheads / Milo / Finished Boardwalk Empire! :( / Omlette and chips for teaaa / ice cream overload / M+S choco bunny / pizza and pasta for tea / more pancakes :) 

Hope this week has been good for everyone! I have quite a busy week coming up so I hope to get lots more pictures this week! 


Thursday, 1 March 2012

#44 Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit

"Why, " the man in the brown hat laughed at him, "I thought everybody knew 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.' If you say 'Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit' - three times, just like that - first thing in the morning on the first of the month, even before you say your prayers, you'll get a present before the end of the month."

How can it possibly be the first of March already! This year is flying by so fast it's hard to believe! It's been a mixed bag today, highlights included: Reading plenty of my new book, Twenties Girl, by Sophie Kinsella, and enjoying it, enjoying mini Easter eggs and cooking with my friend Lauren, watching CSI:NY (always a highlight) and perusing travel brochures. 

I think any downsides are very insignificant today, after reading that PC David Rathband committed suicide this morning when I woke up I felt so incredibly sad for him and his family. His life was ruined in so many aspects when he was shot, and it goes without saying that I strongly feel if the man who shot him was still alive now he should be charged with his murder. You know I still get so angry inside when I remember that all happening and all those absolute morons calling him a 'hero' - what kind of society do we live in when people cheer on that, call some horrible man shooting people a hero? And don't even get me started on when it was his funeral and that imbecile woman turned up at his funeral with her kids, was actually lost for words when I saw that. 

Am looking forward to catching up on a lot of blog posts this weekend as well as doing a few of my own! 

and, because I am not a fan of posts without pictures, heres one of my favourites on my computer, I may have posted it before, I can't remember: every few weeks, or months, when I start to wonder what I'm exactly doing with my life, what I'm exactly saving for and what I actually want to do, I start wanting to travel, and I love this picture, it makes me want to get myself in gear. I really need to make plans instead of losing my thoughts in the mundane tasks of every day life ...