Tuesday, 28 February 2012

#43 Life according to my iphone - week 8

 Monday morning / Browsing new books in Waterstones at lunch/ Cuddles with the cat/ Watching the finale of Call The Midwife and painting my nails 

Pancake Day - making (and failing our first) pancakes with Lauren

Yay yumminess eventually whilst watching Prisoners Wives 

Greeting Friday the best way possible

Works belated Christmas party at Casa Mia - Pappardelle Pasta

Way too rich double chocolate cheesecake 

Ended Friday the worst possible way ONCE AGAIN:'(

Hope everyone is having good weeks lately! I'm quite busy at the moment hence the lack of posts! Just wanted to show you these really cute measuring cups I picked up in Waterstones last week! I keep really meaning to pick some up and am forever putting them in my basket on eBay but never buying them. When I saw these cupcake ones I just had to get them! They are marked up at £4.99 as you can see but when I got back to work and looked at the receipt - and they had actually charged me £1.25!! One pound twenty five!! I have no idea if that was an error or what but I was very pleased!! I also bought a small tin of those mints you carry in your handbag, and they ended up costing more than the cups at £1.99!

How has everyones week been? I'm currently watching Shameless and loving it! Lots of sexy Jamie time this week!!



  1. Omg those measuring cups are amazingggg! American recipes confuse me with that. I might have to have a look in town/

    1. I knoooww, so confusing, these were gorgeous though and such a bargain! Am yet to use them though! xx