Monday, 20 February 2012

#42 - Life according to my iphone - week 7

Another week with hardly any photographs! In fact apart from Valentines Day (which I posted about here) and a little Nandos trip I didn't take any other photographs. I don't know whats wrong with me! My life doesn't seem to be very interesting at the moment, I have nothing to take photos of!

I genuinely think I could live off Nandos. I absolutely love it - half a chicken, medium, chips with peri spice, garlic bread and coleslaw. What's your order?

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of all things picture taking/instagramming/blogging this week, or this month at least, but the truth is sometimes I get very disheartened with all the social media outlets, I follow 400+ people on twitter yet I can go on and read a timeline and have not one thing to contribute to other peoples conversations, it sometimes all seems so pointless to me, other times I can go on and say quite a few things but get no response from any of the 600+ people who follow me, it's like I never even tweeted, likewise I blog and I can see I have page views but barely any comments, and I comment on so many blogs, I don't mean to sound like a moaner but it gets me a bit down sometimes :( I think I need another stint at unfollowing people and finding some new blogs to pour my heart into and get excited about reading! 

Anyone excited for Shrove Tuesday tomorrow? Me and Lauren (pictured above!) are going to attempt to make some, but given that neither of us know how to make them and I don't know if I actually like them we will have to see how that goes!! 

Thanks for reading, as always xoxo


  1. I love Nandos! Haven't been for so so long! I must make someone take me soon! x I know what you mean about the getting lost in the blogosphere, I sometimes feel like I'm talking to myself on twitter! x

  2. that nando's has made me hungry!! I'm also very excited about pancakes tomorrow, time to get the nutella out! :) xxx

  3. I want Nandos now! I always order a double chicken breast wrap on medium heat with chips. Yum!

    Charlotte x

  4. You've made me feel hungry for my tea now and it's only 7.40! I wish Blackberry did instagram. Is that what you've used to take these?x

  5. i love Nandos too. luckily, i live far from the nearest one otherwise i would go there every night for tea! x

  6. U lovvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee Nandos - I want it now :-(. Great mix on things on your blog, just started following and look forward to more postsxxx

  7. This looks like my week! I could happily live on Nando's for the rest of my life, especially the creamy mash.

    Also my friend who is a size 14-16 has a pair of the disco pants & they are so flattering on her, so don't say you're too big haha! x x

  8. I haven't been in Nando's enough to have an order. I need to remedy that though because I do love it in there! Love that you try to take pictures all the time. I really wish I did, I just forget to do it!

    Laura x