Thursday, 16 February 2012

#41 Valentine's Day

I don't have a boyfriend so this year my friend and I swapped cards, and had ideas of cooking a romantic meal for two but due to a severe lack of time we ordered a Chinese which was equally lovely! 

I painted my nails using Maegan's cute little tutorial and have to say I am in LOVE with them! I will definitely be doing these again, it's so easy, and it looks so cute and sweet! I really need to get back into using my Konad as I never pick it up these days, I love freehand stuff but I'm a bit crap with it, although I thought these heart nails turned out pretty neat! 

Hoping everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day, I have to say it's not something I ever get excited about being a singleton but I do think the day is more about the people you love, regardless of being in a relationship, friends or family are still loved ones and it's all about showing those kinda people you love them! It does make me laugh though seeing all the stuff get knocked down in price later in the day, I saw a massive teddy in a card shop for £75 and had to nip in there on V Day to get a birthday card and there were loads of teddies left reduced to £20...Lord would I have been pissed if I'd have paid £75 for it!! 

Love, xxx


  1. ahh this is such a sweet post, the pictures made me smile! x x