Monday, 13 February 2012

#40 Life according to my iphone - week 6

Holler ladies

A very short edition of the photos I've been taking on my iPhone this week, as I only took four pictures! Bad effort! 

Kinda forcing the cat to take photos with me

Went out into Leeds on Friday night, the only picture I took! 

Mum made an immense lasagne on Sunday, it was absolutely gorgeous!

I can't believe its half past nine on a Monday night and I've actually just woken up from a sort of nap; I'm so tired tonight, I rolled in from work and had a long lovely bath using lots of products and then crawled into bed with the view of watching things I've downloaded from iPlayer and reading blogs but I can't imagine that is going to happen now unless I perk up a little bit! 

Hope everyone had fantastic weekends xx


  1. aww your kitty is so cute, i always try and force my cat to take pictures with me, they end up looking like your,

    your lasagne looks ammazing!!

    1. Haha, every time Milo sees a camera she turns the other way lol. Thank you xx

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  3. awww cute kitty and I love your photo too you always look so smily and happy xx