Tuesday, 7 February 2012

#38 IMATS 2012

Hello lovelies

Just a very short post once again tonight as I have been very busy today and not had chance to properly blog! I thought I would just briefly show you the photos I took at the weekend when in London and at IMATS - there aren't a lot and I did include them in my post on Sunday but in the middle of my collage so this is just a bigger view really.

I didn't take many photos as you can see, but I thought I would show you what I did snap!

I've been catching up with Prisoners Wives and Shameless tonight, have you been watching these? I'm gutted that Mickey and Carl are leaving Shameless this series!! 



  1. aww looks like you had a lovely time! xxx

  2. aw thanks for the comment doll! i havent really done a recipe post before as i don't really follow many in the kitchen, hehe, but perhaps sometime soon i'll throw in a couple of my favorite dinners for you to read ?