Sunday, 5 February 2012

#36 Life According To My iPhone - Week 5

Began reading The Help this week / My brothers Temple Run score / Illamasqua Velocity with OPI Super Bass Shatter / Been making chicken wraps all week for lunch / eBay parcels / Outfits for IMATS / Obama obsession reached iPhone case heights

Lydia and Lydia in Chiquitos/ Me and Sinead in Chiquitos / Cheese & Bacon potato skins / Enchiladas

Corona Salt & Pepper bottles / Falling over again :( / Lyd and Lyd on the tube / Me and Sinead on the way to IMATS

Harry Potter prosthetics at IMATS

Alexandra Palace / Sinead / Me / My only IMATS buys

IMATS / Epic burger at TGI Fridays / Snow in London 

Just a quick post tonight! Mega tired today after returning from London this afternoon, the combination of travelling, staying somewhere other than my own bed and travel sickness tablets makes me so lethargic! Not to mention I think I have picked up another illness and am not feeling very good. I was pretty happy with the fact that I didn't spend much at IMATS, just £16.75 on some Real Techniques brushes, nothing else caught my eye. I had a good weekend but I don't think I'll go to IMATS again next year, I think last year was more exciting for me with it being the first time and I was more into make up then, I'm a lot less interested these days. It was still a brilliant weekend though!! 

Did anyone else stay well under budget this weekend at IMATS? 



  1. Gotta love TGI Friday burgers they are epic :) Great pics, you've definitely been busy :)

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