Saturday, 4 February 2012

#35 Girl you got it girl you got it there you go

Back before Nicki Minaj became as well known as she is now I kind of got a bit obsessed with her. When she started getting a bit more recognised and when she released her lipstick for MAC in 2010 I still sorta loved her, but it's fair to say my love has dwindled quite a bit lately. She grates on me more than anything these days, and her new song just sorta left me sat watching the video like .... whaaa....

When I saw she was releasing a collection for OPI (I actually only found out about it when she mentioned it in this song) I knew I would still probably want to buy most of it and that there was bound to be a Barbie-esq pink in there somewhere.

I picked up three of these polishes last week and my favourite one is Pink Friday. 

It's a lovely Barbie, marshmellow kind of pink. I put two coats on but it could probably do with a third, although you can get away with two.

I'm wearing it today and have paired it with my Pink Friday lipstick - I barely get any use out of this - it was so hard to get hold of that I'm scared I will lose it if I use it!!

Did you pick anything up from the collection?

I'm scheduling this post for Saturday when I will be shopping away at IMAT's, don't forget to say hello if you see us!



  1. Oooo I like the look of the shatter polishes!

  2. I ordered the pink friday one! Can't wait for it to arrive, I also don't get enough wear out of my Pink friday lipstick x