Thursday, 2 February 2012

#33 Stripes and Sequins

After feeling really ill last week I didn't want to go out on Saturday night for Ray's birthday - until I met up with all the girls to shop that is. As always the infectious behaviour of my other friends rubbed off on me, only I had no outfit to wear, so had to make a quick dash around the shops hours before we went out. 

I wanted to keep it pretty casual, I find it hard finding dresses, and after already sending two back the previous week I really couldn't be bothered with that, so I really just kept my eyes peeled for a top to match the new leggings I'd picked up from River Island. I spotted this pink stripey top in New Look and thought it would go perfectly with the leggings, a cardigan I had also bought in RI and some wedges I bought last week from NL and hadn't had chance to wear yet. 

At the back end of 2010 I bought some wedges almost exactly like this from Next but it was on a bit of a whim and I realised afterwards there was no way I could afford them so I had to take them back, and I can't tell you how many times I've regretted that decision or thought about those wedges since then! When I saw these I knew within a second I had to go and pick them up. They are £29.99 and are available in beige or black here

My vest cost £19.99 again from New Look. It's long enough to cover my bum or wear with leggings but not so long it will look stupid with a skirt or something. It's on the website here

I think my favourite part of this outfit is the sequinned cardigan. It's glitzy enough to wear on a night out (and boy was I glad I had it when it came to waiting around for taxis at 2 in the morning!!). You can see it here - it cost £38.00. There are quite a few nice jumpers and cardigans in River Island at the moment - I believe Sinead has the jumper version of this cardigan as well. 

What's your favourite outfit at the moment? 



  1. Those wedges are fabulous!


  2. Ahhh I want those wedges!!! xx

  3. Adore this :) The wedges are fabulous and I just love the whole look of it xo

  4. Them wedges are gorgeous :)
    You look lovely!

  5. Love that outfit I now want that cardi! xx