Wednesday, 1 February 2012

#32 January run down part one

Evening lovers

Wow I cannot believe it is February already. I very much dislike getting older - the time seriously goes ten times faster and I hate it :'( 

I mentioned before that just before Christmas I bought a Moleskin diary. I've filled this in every single night, not only writing a little diary entry but adding three columns to the top of each page - what I have eaten that day, what I have worn that day, and how much I have spent that day. Accompanying that, I have another notebook where I have written in detail every single thing I have spent my money on this year so far and how much it was. So as today is the first day of a new month, I've spent the night doing some totting up and seeing what I've spent where/how much etc. You know what the most of it goes on? Without a doubt, food. 

I know that this may not seem a lot but this £84.46 is purely lunch time stop offs for pop and lunch at work. I pay my mum board so she does the shopping in our house, this is just stuff I buy myself during the weekdays, stuff that's consumed usually within the day of purchase. £11.51 of my wage went on pop alone this month, £17.24 on bottled water, £4.02 on packets of crisps, £29.34 on ready made sandwiches/bagels, £14.02 on sweets and chocolate and £20.95 on fruit and salad - and weirdly £12.17 on breakfast stuff which pains me because I hate breakfast. 

I didn't buy any make up this month, although £23.92 went on nail varnishes. £28 on skirts/leggings, £39.99 on blouses/tops, £60 on shoes. 

£9.99 on music, £27.20 on DVDs, £1 on a single magazine! 

Do you tend to do this sort of thing yourself? My mum has always, since I started work almost ten years ago (kill me now) tried to drill the art of budgeting my wage into my head but I can't say it's ever stuck. The minute a penny goes out of place in her purse of bank account she can account for it, she writes everything down. I'm not making a note of things to balance my account but to try and see over the course of the year how much I spend on certain things. I mean £17.24 on water when I sit next to a bloody water machine, what am I thinking. 

I'm gonna make these into monthly posts in order to keep track of it all - who knows, hopefully next February I can look back and say I've made significant changes to the way I spend my money! I've only been out once this month so I've not really had any need to be picking up lots of new clothes etc, and my lunches have all been spent sat at my desk so I think that's why Tescos are taking such a big proportion from me! It'll be interesting to see how it changes when the seasons change too. 

Let me know if you keep track of things like this! In other news I've just finished watching The Only Way Is Essex and I'm not joking when I say I've got a thing for this guy...Mario might be doing it for the other people my age but I like the older men!!

And I'm sort of obsessed with various songs of One Direction. I never thought this would happen to me :'( 



  1. I need to start to budget more too. I keep track of what bank account but not of my cash, and I feel like I just waste the cash on crap so I think I'm going to note down all the things I spend it on too! xx

  2. Oh how I miss Tesco! Sometimes it's so much easier just to go off to the grocer's for lunch instead of bringing snacks/food from home. Something I've tried to do to help my budget (especially since I don't have a steady job) is just to read magazines online through PDF files instead of buying them, and it saves me a good $10 a month - a little goes a long way, I hope! :)

  3. I need to do this too, also start taking my own lunches to work will save a small fortune!! X

  4. One Direction are amazing enjoy it bb ;) haha!
    & I'd definitely recommend the 'Piggie' app as an easy way of keeping track of your outgoings/in-goings