Tuesday, 28 February 2012

#43 Life according to my iphone - week 8

 Monday morning / Browsing new books in Waterstones at lunch/ Cuddles with the cat/ Watching the finale of Call The Midwife and painting my nails 

Pancake Day - making (and failing our first) pancakes with Lauren

Yay yumminess eventually whilst watching Prisoners Wives 

Greeting Friday the best way possible

Works belated Christmas party at Casa Mia - Pappardelle Pasta

Way too rich double chocolate cheesecake 

Ended Friday the worst possible way ONCE AGAIN:'(

Hope everyone is having good weeks lately! I'm quite busy at the moment hence the lack of posts! Just wanted to show you these really cute measuring cups I picked up in Waterstones last week! I keep really meaning to pick some up and am forever putting them in my basket on eBay but never buying them. When I saw these cupcake ones I just had to get them! They are marked up at £4.99 as you can see but when I got back to work and looked at the receipt - and they had actually charged me £1.25!! One pound twenty five!! I have no idea if that was an error or what but I was very pleased!! I also bought a small tin of those mints you carry in your handbag, and they ended up costing more than the cups at £1.99!

How has everyones week been? I'm currently watching Shameless and loving it! Lots of sexy Jamie time this week!!


Monday, 20 February 2012

#42 - Life according to my iphone - week 7

Another week with hardly any photographs! In fact apart from Valentines Day (which I posted about here) and a little Nandos trip I didn't take any other photographs. I don't know whats wrong with me! My life doesn't seem to be very interesting at the moment, I have nothing to take photos of!

I genuinely think I could live off Nandos. I absolutely love it - half a chicken, medium, chips with peri spice, garlic bread and coleslaw. What's your order?

I'm hoping to get back into the swing of all things picture taking/instagramming/blogging this week, or this month at least, but the truth is sometimes I get very disheartened with all the social media outlets, I follow 400+ people on twitter yet I can go on and read a timeline and have not one thing to contribute to other peoples conversations, it sometimes all seems so pointless to me, other times I can go on and say quite a few things but get no response from any of the 600+ people who follow me, it's like I never even tweeted, likewise I blog and I can see I have page views but barely any comments, and I comment on so many blogs, I don't mean to sound like a moaner but it gets me a bit down sometimes :( I think I need another stint at unfollowing people and finding some new blogs to pour my heart into and get excited about reading! 

Anyone excited for Shrove Tuesday tomorrow? Me and Lauren (pictured above!) are going to attempt to make some, but given that neither of us know how to make them and I don't know if I actually like them we will have to see how that goes!! 

Thanks for reading, as always xoxo

Thursday, 16 February 2012

#41 Valentine's Day

I don't have a boyfriend so this year my friend and I swapped cards, and had ideas of cooking a romantic meal for two but due to a severe lack of time we ordered a Chinese which was equally lovely! 

I painted my nails using Maegan's cute little tutorial and have to say I am in LOVE with them! I will definitely be doing these again, it's so easy, and it looks so cute and sweet! I really need to get back into using my Konad as I never pick it up these days, I love freehand stuff but I'm a bit crap with it, although I thought these heart nails turned out pretty neat! 

Hoping everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day, I have to say it's not something I ever get excited about being a singleton but I do think the day is more about the people you love, regardless of being in a relationship, friends or family are still loved ones and it's all about showing those kinda people you love them! It does make me laugh though seeing all the stuff get knocked down in price later in the day, I saw a massive teddy in a card shop for £75 and had to nip in there on V Day to get a birthday card and there were loads of teddies left reduced to £20...Lord would I have been pissed if I'd have paid £75 for it!! 

Love, xxx

Monday, 13 February 2012

#40 Life according to my iphone - week 6

Holler ladies

A very short edition of the photos I've been taking on my iPhone this week, as I only took four pictures! Bad effort! 

Kinda forcing the cat to take photos with me

Went out into Leeds on Friday night, the only picture I took! 

Mum made an immense lasagne on Sunday, it was absolutely gorgeous!

I can't believe its half past nine on a Monday night and I've actually just woken up from a sort of nap; I'm so tired tonight, I rolled in from work and had a long lovely bath using lots of products and then crawled into bed with the view of watching things I've downloaded from iPlayer and reading blogs but I can't imagine that is going to happen now unless I perk up a little bit! 

Hope everyone had fantastic weekends xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

#39 OPI Rainbow Connection

I bought this polish before Christmas and this is only the second time I've used it. I have this thing at the moment about glitter, the thought of the removal process makes me want to hide my glitters away for a long time, but they do look so pretty. 

OPI Rainbow Connection was probably one of the most sought after polishes from The Muppets Collection - it was the one I saw more blog posts on, heard more about, the one that was always sold out in the shops or online when I wanted to purchase it. There were quite a few other glitters I wanted to pick up but a lot of them looked quite similar to ones I have, whereas I don't have anything mulit coloured like this. 

I don't know why the above picture seems that I have yellow lines all over my fingers, I don't! Must be the lighting! This is two coats over Nails Inc Elizabeth Street, a very pale pink which I don't really tend to pick up because of how light it is. As you can see Rainbow Connection is full of small and larger hexagon shaped pieces of glitter, in lots of different colours, blue, green, pink, gold, silver. 

It's so hard to try and picture glitters so these pictures have been edited to try and bring the colours out. Was Rainbow Connection an OPI you picked up? If you missed it is is extremely similar to the recent Kardashian collection for Nicole by OPI, Rainbow in the S-Kylie


Tuesday, 7 February 2012

#38 IMATS 2012

Hello lovelies

Just a very short post once again tonight as I have been very busy today and not had chance to properly blog! I thought I would just briefly show you the photos I took at the weekend when in London and at IMATS - there aren't a lot and I did include them in my post on Sunday but in the middle of my collage so this is just a bigger view really.

I didn't take many photos as you can see, but I thought I would show you what I did snap!

I've been catching up with Prisoners Wives and Shameless tonight, have you been watching these? I'm gutted that Mickey and Carl are leaving Shameless this series!! 


Monday, 6 February 2012

#37 Cheese, Bacon and Leek Pasta

This is just going to be a really quick 'recipe' post so to speak, and I say so to speak because I know a lot of people don't like the main part of this meal, it's very easy and quick to make at the end of the day and I'm one of the people who does like it so I find it quite tasty.

What you will need

Yep, a packet of Pasta n Sauce (I use the Mild Cheese and Broccoli). Not particularly good for you but still encouraged on the Slimming World diet, I used to live off these packets when I was dieting. I haven't really touched them for the past few years until I had this meal so they've made a teeny tiny come back in my life. 

Bacon - I usually use two slices to each person having the meal, as I only use the bit shown in the picture, I just get rid of the rest of the strip. Leeks, I really like leeks so just use as many as you like really, I use about 3 in the whole dish depending on the size of them. 

And finally some grated mozzarella cheese. 

Cook your pasta in one pan, and in a separate frying pan after around ten minutes cut your bacon into small pieces and chop your leek and fry them - I dry fried them so didn't have to count any calories for oil etc. 

Once your pasta is ready, add the contents of the frying pan into the pasta and stir until it's well mixed in. 

Transfer this into a baking dish, I just used a glass pyrex dish, and add your cheese evenly on the top.

Pop this into the grill and just keep an eye on it, taking it out when the cheese has gone crispy.

And that's it, finished!

Serving size wise, I usually have this between two people but I suppose it depends what you are having with it - if you're going to have a big salad then it would probably stretch to three, or maybe you could add some garlic bread...

Between two people, the packet of pasta is 227 calories each. One leek is 38, one rasher of bacon is 128. I think as a main meal it should come under 500 calories - just be careful how much cheese you use - which is what I usually try and aim to have for my tea.

When I've had this I usually end up with leftover leek and a packet of bacon open in the fridge, so I try to eat something I can use these up with - my current favourite is a jacket potatoe and salad ...

So I hope you liked this recipe, as I said I know the packets of pasta aren't favourites with everyone, you could just substitute this with normal pasta but I don't know what sauce you would add with this - I'm not really big on pasta sauces to be honest. It would probably be nice without any kind of sauce actually, the bacon and leek cooking together tastes so nice together! 

Would this be something you would try? 


Sunday, 5 February 2012

#36 Life According To My iPhone - Week 5

Began reading The Help this week / My brothers Temple Run score / Illamasqua Velocity with OPI Super Bass Shatter / Been making chicken wraps all week for lunch / eBay parcels / Outfits for IMATS / Obama obsession reached iPhone case heights

Lydia and Lydia in Chiquitos/ Me and Sinead in Chiquitos / Cheese & Bacon potato skins / Enchiladas

Corona Salt & Pepper bottles / Falling over again :( / Lyd and Lyd on the tube / Me and Sinead on the way to IMATS

Harry Potter prosthetics at IMATS

Alexandra Palace / Sinead / Me / My only IMATS buys

IMATS / Epic burger at TGI Fridays / Snow in London 

Just a quick post tonight! Mega tired today after returning from London this afternoon, the combination of travelling, staying somewhere other than my own bed and travel sickness tablets makes me so lethargic! Not to mention I think I have picked up another illness and am not feeling very good. I was pretty happy with the fact that I didn't spend much at IMATS, just £16.75 on some Real Techniques brushes, nothing else caught my eye. I had a good weekend but I don't think I'll go to IMATS again next year, I think last year was more exciting for me with it being the first time and I was more into make up then, I'm a lot less interested these days. It was still a brilliant weekend though!! 

Did anyone else stay well under budget this weekend at IMATS?