Monday, 30 January 2012

#30 We'll Take Manhattan

This morning when I left for work it had just started snowing. Do you like the snow? I think I'm the only person who doesn't really mind it. If it's not too heavy I love walking with no hood or brolly up and I love just watching it all come down, or on a morning when you first see it before the cars and people have disrupted it and turned it into slush.

It didn't last long anyway, just a dusting as they say! And there was no sign of it when I got to work in Leeds. Still it was bitterly cold today so I didn't leave the office all day, got back on track with my diet after a cheeky Nandos at the weekend, when I got peckish in the afternoon I just forced myself to drink water to try and fill me up instead of going to the shop. 

When I got home I sat in the room with my feet on the fireplace finishing my book, The Book of Tomorrow. It's taken me a while to really get into it. I always say I love Cecilia Ahern but I really think I actually only love Where Rainbows End. It's my all time favourite book, and whilst I loved PS I Love You I can't read it again because I cry way too much, I remember when I read it, sat around a pool in Ayia Napa crying with my sunglasses on!

Tonight I watched We'll Take Manhattan on BBC iPlayer, have you seen it? It's starring Karen Gillan from Doctor Who, am a bit of a 'whoobie' myself and quite like her, and Aneurin Barnard who I thought was absolutely gorgeous. It's set in the 1960's telling the story of the photographer David Bailey and the model Jean Shrimpton. 

Did anyone else catch this? It's available on iPlayer here until Thursday. I was thinking of watching Birdsong as well, does anyone recommend that? 



  1. I saw this, I'm always a bit turned off by Karen's acting even though I'm also a whovian. I though the likeness to the originals was stunning though!


  2. Have you read Birdsong? I'd definately recommend reading the book- way better than the programme lover xx

  3. It snowed a bit here today as well. But not enough to settle down. Have to check out the show, sounds good.xx