Sunday, 29 January 2012

#29 Life According to my iphone - week 4

1 - Scones, strawberries and nutella; Me and my friends little girl; drinking champagne
2 - Watching Mr Tumbles; Indulging in a Krispy Kreme; Trying on a new dress from River Island
3 - Being ill sucks :( ; Barry M Raspberry and 17 Silver Shatter; New Kit Kats advert
4 - Myself, Charlotte and Sinead (Charlotte's pic!), Me and Sinead, Ray 
5 - Ray drinking some of the champagne we were bought, Me and Charlotte

Just realised the picture of the scones is on twice, oops! 

It's been a weird week, feels a lot longer than a single week that's for sure! After being ill on Thursday and Friday I was feeling a bit better on Saturday so headed into Leeds to meet some lovely friends for shopping and Nandos, and then quickly ran home and got ready and went back to meet them all again for some drinks. 

A major event occurred as well, people who know me in 'real life' - I actually managed to keep my brand new beige wedges in perfect condition!!! I cannot tell you the last time this happened because, this never happens. I am very pleased about this, unless you know what it's like to spend money on shoes and ruin them (or lose them) on a night out without fail every time you're out you probably won't appreciate this little tidbit. But if you do, virtually high five me!!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!



  1. Awww fab pictures lol Had a fabulous weekend with you all. I got back to scarborough and it was raining and I thought to myself,actually maybe scarborough aint that amazing because it was dry in leeds! I keep having random flashbacks it was just too funny xxxx

  2. Lovely post! How do you make your collage of iphone pictures? xx

  3. Great pictures! I've not had a Krispy Kreme in AGES...might have to treat myself to one later in the week :)


  4. Fab pictures! I can never keep shoes clean :( hope you're feeling better xx

  5. Best weekend in a very long time!! <3 xxxx