Friday, 27 January 2012

#27 NYC Purchases

I said I'd do a little post of what I picked up in New York and low and behold here it is. It's not really a lot, I took around £700 and spent all of it but now I'm looking at this stuff I don't actually know where half of that went. 

I obviously stocked up on my bedtime 'I <3 NY' tee shirts, along with a couple of others, I replaced my NYPD and FDNY tees, also picked up one from the 9/11 Memorial shop too, not to mention buying supplies for various friends, and a couple of hoodies for myself and presents. 

We also saw some CSI tee shirts - just blue t shirts with a yellow CSI banner on them, and as we are all obsessed with CSI in our family we thought it would be funny to buy them as a joke but when my mum saw they were $20 she didn't want to waste that much on a top she won't really wear. When me and Alix went shopping we picked up four of them and kept them hidden away until Christmas, when we wrapped up one each for my parents and put one on ourselves hidden under our dressing gowns ready to open them when they opened the presents! 

Speaking of CSI, our favourite spin off is the New York ones, so it was highly ironic that we actually saw Sheldon Hawkes in NYC one night!!! 

So I guess the two main things I spent my money on were (apart from t shirts!) were a pair of Uggs and a Michael Kors watch. 

I really wasn't planning on buying these - I hardly ever get use out of the pair I already have - but I absolutely love this colour. There is an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is in her apartment wearing the same colour Uggs and I have always tried to find them in the UK but never succeeded! They were always red or pink, never a what I call Plum (and what Ugg call Sangria) colour. So when I saw them I had to pick them up. 

I already have an MK watch which I received for my birthday in August and after catching a glimpse of a navy blue one a few months later I became kind of obsessed with getting one. The site I saw it on had sold out and after a couple of weeks of searching I just stuck it on the 'would like to own one day' pile! I asked in the Michael Kors shop and the woman who served us (who was absolutely gorgeous, but mistake my name for Alan - Carla - Alan - not sure how they sound the same OR why she thought I had a mans name...) said they no longer sold that watch and it had been discontinued. So I picked up this one instead: the MK5191. I know it's black, not navy but it's close enough I guess :) I love it and have worn it almost every day since buying it. 

 In Juicy Couture I picked up this cute bracelet and earrings.

I ventured into one Sephora and it was so busy I couldn't stand it and had to get out. I found a bigger one a few days later and went into that and really, not a lot caught my eye. So all I picked up was a Christmas Philosophy tin - Sugar Plum Frost. As soon as the bubble bath is all finished I think I'm going to use the tin to store my Lush products in :) 
 ... And some Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Gel.  I also ventured into MAC just the once, the store within the Flat Iron Building, and picked up the 208 Eyebrow Brush, something I have been meaning to pick up for ages.

I went into one of the many Duane Reade pharmacies and bought three nail varnishes:  

I do already have NYC Starry Silver Glitter which i obviously bought over here, and for a while I was wearing it constantly and wanted to buy a backup but I don't know why, like if NYC have gone out of business or something but all the stands near me are constantly almost empty. So when I saw this in America I picked it up - It was like $1.29 as well, how cheap!! 
In the HBO shop I picked up a couple of True Blood related things - A Fantasia glass, a double sided bookmark, a Bon Temps t shirt (new favourite bed time top!) and a couple of bottles of True Blood.  

And the rest was just stupid touristy tatt I guess, I love that kind of stuff!!

You know I love Obama, how could I not get a bobble head, or some mints... 

So that's it! As always you can read about my New York posts here...



  1. Omg that's so awesome that you saw Hill Harper, I frigging LOVE CSI:NY! :D x

  2. Reaally want the Bon Temps tshirt! x

  3. Love that NYC glitter varnish...beautiful x