Thursday, 26 January 2012

#26 Let's Stay Together

Hi guys

Just a very short post today as I'm not very well. I felt really ill this morning and gradually have got worse throughout the day so I left work early and have spent the rest of the day in bed really :( 

I didn't want to not post as I have been posting every day so far, not sure if you have noticed, but I really wanted to keep up to it! I wasn't sure what to blog about tonight but then I remembered I wanted to show you this video yesterday and I forgot. It's just a cute video of Obama doing a speech at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem (click the link to see the picture I took of it when I was there!) and he starts singing Al Green's Lets Stay Together. I love Obama, I have loads of photos on my computer of him like a geek, love anything to do with him so this wasn't surprising that I love this video! 

Have you seen this before? I think he can really sing! Even though he only actually sings a line lol. 

Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow to do a 'proper' post! 


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