Tuesday, 24 January 2012

#24 Aussie Hair - Washes 19 - 23

Just a quick post with another update of my Aussie washes with my bigger bottles! As you can see I've now up to wash 23 and I still have a fair bit in my bottles! 

I have realised lately that I barely straighten my hair any more. I just leave it to dry naturally thus creating the waves you see in three pictures above. On the two pictures on the right, which were taken this weekend, that was just blow drying, not straightening - I remember a time when I would go no where without my straighteners! The picture in the middle with my red blouse on is the one time all week I did pull the GHD's out. My hair looks so long on that picture! 

How many washes are you up to in the bigger bottles?



  1. ahahah


  2. I prefer more natural hair that straightened too much, you have lovely hair.

    BTW I think the heart print dress will really suit you, I love it. xx

  3. Oh which are you using? I've just started using Aussie and I can see the difference already. xx