Saturday, 21 January 2012

#21 Stir Fry, Kale, Chilli & Coriander King Prawns

So you know how I mentioned on yesterday's post how I was the kind of person who has to be obsessed with something at any given time? At the moment, it's food. I'm obsessed with cooking, reading recipes, trawling websites for the photos. I'm saving links to things I've found on Pinterest left right and centre, I've set my home page as Foodgawker

One of the things I miss most about not living in my own place is not really making my own food, not being able to just mess around in the kitchen. I'm so excited for doing it again when I finally move out! 

Last Friday everyone was out so I had plenty of time to potter around when I got home from work and this is what I came up with for tea. 

Stir Fry, Kale, Chilli & Coriander King Prawns

I admit that when I usually make a stir fry I fall under the trap of 'it's all veg, just make it all', usually with a view of halving it and having some the next day, usually finding it so tasty that I eat it all. I also can't see the point of a stir fry without noodles, noodles are one of my favourite foods. There's a place in Leeds called Wokon and I love it! Chicken Satay noodles - my mouth is watering thinking about them!! Anyway. This time I actually weighed out 30g of the bag of stir fry and put this into the wok on the hob. I usually just put them in without any oil or anything, so don't forget that if you usually use oil... leave it on its own for about two minutes and then add a packet of Amoy Straight To Wok Medium Noodles

Whilst that is cooking away on a low heat, this is a good time to make the last part - the kale 'chips'. I only began eating kale last summer, and I'm not even lying when I say I'm mad it's taken me so long to try this! It's absolutely gorgeous - it reminds me of the 'seaweed' you get at the Chinese takeaway. You can pick it up in the supermarket, it's just in a bag like lettuce is, and you basically pour some of the kale into a bowl, along with a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it around, adding salt occasionally [read: a lot] and just making sure it's all covered. Then transfer the contents of the bowl onto a baking tray, I usually add a bit more salt now, but remember I am a tad obsessive when it comes to salt. Spread the kale around so its spaced out over the tray and put it in the oven for four minutes - or until it's as crispy as you like it. It does shrink when it's cooking so I put loads on - although I guess if you don't know that then you've never had it before, and you don't know whether you like it enough to waste loads yet...

After adding a bit of soy sauce to my stir fry and leaving it to cook in that a bit longer, I started to make the thing I was most looking forward to - the prawns! I love chilli/garlic prawns. Although sometimes when I'm eating prawns - the tiny ones - I think I can see their eyes and then I start to think of them being in the sea and it freaks me out and I have to stop eating them for a few months. Although I love food sometimes I can be eating something and think where its come from and it makes me feel sick and have to by pass it for a while! I'm a bit weird on things like that. But back to the prawns...after you've given them a wash, heat a small amount of oil in a separate frying pan, on a medium heat, then add the prawns, a clove of garlic and a finely chopped, de-seeded chilli - or however many you want. I had a bad experience a few months ago when I got a bit cocky with the chillis and thought I could handle loads - never been in so much pain. Even my mums eyes were streaming with the smell let alone having to eat it, LOL, never again!!! One chilli was enough for me. Fry this for a minute or so. 

And then it's just a matter of minutes before this is all ready! Make sure your kale isn't burning or anything. Remove your stir fry from the heat. Just before taking your prawns off the heat stir in some finely chopped coriander. You could add the prawns to the stir fry but I like them on their own so I didn't... Finally, remove the kale from the oven, I usually put it inbetween a couple of sheets on kitchen roll to pat off all the excess oil. 

And you're done! 

This seems like such a long post for such a simple meal. In reality it takes about 25 minutes once you know whats what, it's so easy, I probably don't need to tell you that!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I was hoping to do more of these types of posts if people are interested? I've been following so many more food blogs lately and have so many ideas tucked up my sleeves! 



  1. Yay thank you for this blog post! Will be trying it for tea one day this week! Yessss more food posts xx

  2. That looks delish....I am definitely interested in more food posts especially healthy stuff, as I'm crap at thinking of ideas for myself. x

  3. this looks delicious and I love food gawker too but it makes me feel so hungry!xxx p.s love your new layout!

  4. Mmmmm looks lush and will have to try! I'm also following you on pinterest x