Thursday, 19 January 2012

#19 Beam Me Up, Scotty

I bought this jumper a little bit before Christmas as I have practically no jumpers for work and it's winter! I love the clothes that come out in Autumn, all the mustard colours, but I don't think I've ever actually owned anything this colour.

Yes, the jumper is pretty creased at the bottom because no matter how early I try to get up on a morning it doesn't work and I'm always left rushing, so I have no choce but to do photos after I've been sat in my outfit all day ...

I absolutely love it, it pairs well with this skirt or a plain skirt, looks perfect with my new pair of red earrings, a  bun and a slick of red lipstick.

I picked these up in the Next sale after Christmas for only £2! I love them.

The only thing is, I feel a bit like a Star Trek extra or something in it. It doesn't make me love it any less but now I've drawn attention to it I have my dad and brother doing that weird hand finger thing to me when I wear it and I had someone at work emailing me photos of Captain Kirk!

Do you know what, I actually re-enacted this photo when I received it, I leant back against the blue wallpaper at work, tied my hair up and did the same pose and sent it back to him. I was going to put it on this blog but then I had a worry that someone might take it and it might find its way onto one of those 'This is why I'm single' emails that go zooming around the country - so I hastily removed it!!! Bad times, it was quite a funny pic!!! Can't be too careful when it comes to the internet I guess!!

The jumper was around £10. Does anyone else have this and feel like a Trekkie?!



  1. Haha this post made me laugh out loud! I think you look absoutely lovely in the jumper! No Star Trek references from me!

  2. haha I love the outfit, the skirt is so cute paired with it too :) xx

  3. PMSL Carla, this made me laugh, i wish you had put the piccie on! x

    1. Haha, Emma I wanted to but at the last minute I got scared!! lol xx

  4. Hahahahah this is so funny, you should wear it to comic con you'll get mobbed! I love it though!