Monday, 16 January 2012

#16 New York City: Day Six - 22 November 2011

So onto my sixth and final day in New York City! It was a slight rush job as we knew we needed more things from the shops so after a packing sesh where we all got a bit caught up because the majority of the things I'd come with no longer fitted in my case (always the way) me and Alix headed out to get a few things and mooch around Times Square. Sadly, despite saying for the entire holiday 'I think I'm going to end up taking most of my money home, I don't want anything' I actually ended up spending literally every penny the day before, so I had no money to buy anything :( 

 The massive ferris wheel inside Toys R Us. Amazing!!

 All the Barbies were housed in a giant Barbie House and man, were there loads! I'm seriously gutted I didn't get to buy any of the above :( From L - R - Frank Sinatra Barbie (WANT!), The Barbie House, Grace Kelly Barbie, Statue of Liberty Barbie (WANT!), a wall full of Barbz, Pillow Talk Barbie & Ken, Elvis Barbie (WANT!), Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Barbie & Ken (WTF??!!! Who knew these were that popular?! Not me!) and Farrah Fawcett Barbie. Just literally pure immenseness in this shop. <3
 Next up we popped by the Disney store and I thought this little Princess Castle was cute, as well as the wall of Statue of Liberty Minnie Mouses. I really wanted one of these too! I'm such a loser.
 And that was pretty much it, we just nipped to McDonalds on the way back - I hate going to another country and eating crappy take out food like this but I don't mind in America since it all originates from there! I had a Big Mac and I have to say it was crap! V disappointed! Not sure what Alix got, but he liked it, then we got McFlurrys, I think one was Oreo and the other Reeses Pieces. Ooh and also a slice of pizza for breakfast (ever the health freak) which was OK. 

Oh, one last set of pics, when we were packing we had the news on and they were live at the Rockefeller Plaza as crowds were gathering and camping out because the Biebs himself was going to be performing there the next day. They had this woman on who was like 40/50 years old and the founder of 'Moms 4 Bieber' I mean WTF! Anyway when we nipped out we passed them and I spotted the mom for Bieber! So Alix started taking pics of all the people, it was quite funny. I don't think I'd ever camp out for someone, would you? Not even Jason Donovan and you all know how deep my love for him goes!! I've waited in the rain for his autograph but camping on the streets! It's all a bit weird...I mean I like Bieber I won't lie...but adults camping out is plain wrong. I mean can you imagine if a 50 y o man set up a 'Daddies 4 Selena' group or something!!! WRONG!!

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed looking at my photos and reading about my little holiday, thank you for reading! If you've missed anything you can check them out here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.



  1. OMG, WANDERLUST! I love your photos...!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would have searched for that tattoo/pierced barbie I heard about.. xoxo.

  2. I loved all these posts, this one made me laugh. Your way of writing makes me laugh! ha ha! Al very sad indeed!

    We were thinking of going to NYC this year, I said I cant wait to try a mcds! Gutter to hear is was shit!!

    Hope all is well missy

    Joanne xx

  3. haha thats funny re Mummies for Bieber lol that is so weird.
    How any woman over 18 can find him remotely attractive is rather funny but someone 50! And you are right if it was old guys after a teenage girls there would be outrage!

    Well I have loved reading your posts and they have made me want to go to New York even more! Did you book online via something like Expedia??

    I want to go to Macy's my brother in law and his wife went there and said it was just massive and so much to look at

    Take care

  4. Aaah I went to NYC on the 23rd of Nov, we just missed each other! haha.

    I want the Frank & Elvis barbies from Toys R Us SOOOOO badly! I had no room in my suitcase though, boo :(