Sunday, 15 January 2012

#15 Life according to my iPhone - Week 2

Jacket potato, cheese, bacon and leek for tea, watching Westlife: For The Last Time on ITV Catch Up :'(, beating my high score on Temple Run! Breakfast for the most part of the week: Yoghurt and fruit. 

Chicken, rice and salad for tea, Dinner for the majority of the week: Ham and coldslaw. The sky one night last week

Again, two more pics of the sky! How weird that the first on this line and last on the previous line were taken one after the other, neither edited, yet the sky looks wicked on the first one and nothing to rave home about on the second. Milo sitting in my room; makes me laugh how she sits the nearest to the edge she possibly could, funny cat :) saw these on intagram and love the idea for a wedding! 

Nails this week, tea last night, kale, stir fry and king prawns, wanted to make a fruit layer like this yesterday morning (pic from Pinterest) and what mine actually turned out like :( 

A poor mouse Milo brought in the house last week (it wasn't dead btw - for a change), bacon and leek pasta, getting some use out of my Amy Winehouse t shirt (finally) and Chinese food for tea last night

Hope everyone has had a brilliant week, again if anyone else has done any of these types of post be sure to leave your link in the comments so I can read! xxx


  1. love the amy winehouse tee!!

    laur x

  2. Are those wedding biscuits with the bride and groom on? And always love to see yummy food hehe! :)Fab Amy Wimehouse tshirt x

  3. Every single picture of food is making me drool; you have amazing taste in meals haha :) And those nails are looking fab! Hope you've had a great weekend!