Saturday, 14 January 2012

#14 Lush - Recent Buys

It's no secret I am absolutely obsessed with Lush, I spent a good amount of money in there each month and last year spread out and tried other products aside from their bubble bars (my favourite) or bath ballistics! My last trip to Lush was a few weeks before Christmas where I stocked up on their Christmas products plus a few other bits and a few pieces for presents.

I think Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter has been on my list of things to buy for about 4 years now. And I finally picked it up! It smells AMAZING. I do love the lemony smelling things Lush stock, although I am a massive fan of Rockstar Soap and other various soaps, I can't deny the one that smells of lemons is my favourite - although looking on their website now to link you I can't find it. Have they stopped this?! I need to check this out ASAP!!

The Melting Snowman is the kind of thing I pick up just because it looks cute. It smells like marzipan, oranges, and doesn't create bubbles really, it's more one of the ones that leaves your skin feeling all silky and smooth once you've got out. 

Bubble bars are my favourite products for one reason - they can (if you use them frugally!)  last a number of baths. This actually split on the way home and the roof of the house came off. This is a gorgeous smelling product, and it has a little stick of cinnamon in the roof as a chimney! Lots and lots of bubbles - I think I got about 4/5 baths out of this Gingerbread House.

So White is just a simple bath bomb - it smells gorgeous and its perfect for a relaxing bath after a long day. It's only cheap too so makes an ideal present for people over the festive period!

 I forgot to take a picture of this before using it, but Rocketeer was one of the more 'fun' bath bombs! Dropping it in the water it leaves so many different colours, it is just like a little rocket going off in the bath! I didn't think this was a Christmas product to be honest I thought it was a permanent piece but looking on the site it seems it's actually neither, one of the reviews says an employee told her it was now discontinued. So if there are any of these in your local store I would recommend buying some! I'll definitely be having a look as soon as I get chance.

Christmas Eve bubble bar is my favourite bar to use over December and I buy quite a few (including one to save and specifically use on Christmas Eve!) It smells amazing, nothing else Lush stock comes close for me and I wish it was a permanent product despite the name, but this year it actually had a pretty strong contender in the form of  Golden Wonder...

This is amazing - in Lush's own words, it's like a pass the parcel gift with different layers. It rattles when you shake it, it's pretty big and it's the product that you don't want to just drop in the bath and walk away, you will be glued to the water until it's completely dissolved! It turns gold, then into yellow, then blue, leaving soluable stars along the way. I was lucky enough to not only buy a couple of these but also receive the Mr Frosty gift for Christmas from a friend and this has another one of these in. I'm excited to use it already!

I also picked up while I was there another Ocean Salt, and once that's used up I can take my five empty pots back to pick up a free face mask! Looking forward to this little treat!

Have you been enjoying Lush this Christmas?



  1. I loved the gingerbread house bubble bar. So yummy and cute. Lemony flutter is great. You can also use it on dry patches of skin. xx

  2. Ooooh those bath bombs looks great! :) I need to visit Lush soon and treat myself x

  3. Ooh lovely, I can't believe I haven't tried Lush yet!! xx