Friday, 13 January 2012

#13 New York City: Day Five - 21 November 2011

Four things happened on our last full day in New York. 

1. We went to the World Trade Centre Memorial Site. I was really interested to go to this as it was something that I missed out on last time, and I am really interested in all WTC things to be honest, as sad as that sounds. There was a guy on the street outside the church selling these books, full of pictures of September 11th, and when I found out it was $15 I decided not to get it, in the end the guy gave me it for £4 which was pretty good! 

I found the 9/11 museum really interesting and strangely surreal as it was quiet apart from the documentary playing in the background, and people were crying walking around, it was pretty eerie to say the least. Above and below are some of the things that were on display; a flag filled with the names of the dead, a tattoo a fireman had on his back.
 A helmet a fireman was wearing on the day, a figure made from the scrap metal from the WTC building.

The two new buildings. It was a pretty sobering experience to say the least!

2. We took the Staten Island Ferry to see the Statue of Liberty a bit better!

 When we were walking through the park to get the ferry there were loads of squirrels and birds casually walking around! 

 3. We walked from Battery Park to the Brooklyn Bridge. My mum and dad walked halfway across it and back but me and Alix sat at the beginning waiting for them; we were feeling lazy I guess! 
 4. We went in separate shopping directions, me and Alix got a taxi to the Flat Iron building where I had a little look in MAC and then we went for food at the Shake Shack. I think Alix had heard of this place before we got there and so wanted to check it out and I didn't think I would be overally bothered but after seeing the length of the que (apparently this place gets busy) I decided to get a burger and shake. 

 You place your order and then get one of those vibrating thingymajigys that buzzes when your food is ready to pick up. Once again, there were tons of squirrels running around!! I think I find this so weird because a, I can't say I ever really see them where I live, and b because it is such a busy environment, all the traffic, people and noise, I can't believe they just seem to be everywhere! I watched this one below run up this tree and just stay in this position and every time I see the picture I laugh because it was just like this for ages like it was dead or something! 

We got our food and had chosen to sit right next to set of trees - bad move!! This squirrel made a bee line for us and it was really embarrassing - all the other people where watching, some woman was shouting GUYS! SQUIRRELS ATTACK!! OMG I was mortified. It jumped right onto Alix's chair and we had to move - I mean it is hilarious and the pic of it on his chair makes me die when I see it but it was scary and embarrassing! 

We got some shopping done after our food which I'm gonna post about separately, but we actually spent the best part of the afternoon looking for one place in particular. I had got quite a True Blood obsession going on before I went away, and had scoped out the HBO website and got it into my head there was a store but we couldn't find it anywhere. We asked people, no one knew..just as we had resigned ourselves (or should I say I had, I don't really think Alix cared at all) to the fact that we wouldn't find one, we stumbled across it! it was well disappointing though, hardly any TB merchandise in comparison to what's on the website. I picked up a couple of things though, including some True Blood! It was really nice actually as well.

Sooo that's the last full day done, one more post to go and I doubt there will be hardly any photos as we were only there for half a day. Apologies for all the piccies in this post again!



  1. Hahaha, pissing myself at the squirrels! That would scare me too, not gonna lie.

    Ellie x

  2. I gave into the True Blood as well but you can get it on!
    Sad to see the end of these posts I've liked reading all about your trip.

  3. Love all of these! I need to go to New York. x hivennn

  4. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL at the squirrel pictures! Hahahahah that's ace!

  5. Sorry I still have not got around to reading all these posts but I will do at the weekend.
    I want to read them when I have time so I am not rushed.

    You photos are amazing though.

    I will leave some comments once I read them all xx

  6. The squirrel story made me laugh. I can't believe they come right up to you!

    Really enjoyed this post. Can't wait to visit New York!


  7. Wow that tattoo on the firemans back is so amazing..I am not a fan of tattoo's but that is just a piece of art and so sad.

    One place I def want to visit is the WTC/Ground Zero and I want to go to see the Statue of Liberty. I am rather shocked bu the squirrels as I thought they were rather timid animals. I love that photos and the story is really funny but I can imagine rather embarassing.

    OH and I love the photo of you on your own you look so prettyx