Thursday, 12 January 2012

#12 Orange Pleat Top

This was one of my sale buys over the festive period. I went to Dorothy Perkins in the White Rose Centre and tried a few tops on. Dorothy Perkins is one place I have to try everything on and can't buy online from because I find the sizes so hit and miss! One thing can fit perfectly and the same size in something else can be the worst fit ever. 

I found a gorgeous shirt and took it into the changing rooms and when I put it on someone had completely ripped the back! Straight down the back, literally keeping together by about three stitches. It was as though the incredible hulk had tried it on lol, I mean how do you manage to rip a shirt so badly. I handed it to the assistant on the way out and then about an hour later walked back through the store to get to the car and I saw the exact same shirt - with the exact same rip! I can't believe they'd just put it straight back on the shelf. It was nearly £20 and unless you'd tried it on you wouldn't have even realised. 

The shirt is just a simple blouse, with pleats down the middle. I absolutely love it, the colour is perfect and goes with almost everything.

According to their website there are a few different colours available, although all are in the sale so only limited sizes left. I'm very tempted to order one in the green (only as it's the only colour they have left in my size! They have blue, navy, purple, green or the orange one like mine and they are all around £10 and were originally around the £30 mark.



  1. Love this shirt! The colour is gorgeous and really suits you. I'm going to check it out now online :) xx

  2. This is gorgeous, so pretty :) Love the colour too xx

  3. This is really flattering on you :)

  4. Love it!!! Bet it looks so pretty with gold jewellery xx

  5. That colour is gorgeous on you!x

  6. I love that top and I love the colour. Coral is gorgeous xx