Wednesday, 11 January 2012

#11 New York City: Day Four - 20 November 2011

You know how I keep saying in all these posts 'there's a lot of pictures'? Yeah, well this time, there are a LOT. So I'm not going to do much talking, just a few captions, because all you really need to know is:

1. The one morning we had had planned out for the whole trip, having booked our tickets before even arriving in NYC, the one morning we were going to be having tons of photos taken, was the one morning that the whole of the hot water in the hotel shut down. Meaning no shower, unwashed hair - slight nightmare and mostly typical. Excuse the bad hair pictures is all I can say. 

2. This was the day we went up the Rockefeller Centre, or Top of the Rock as it is known. Hence the boat load of pictures - I just couldn't pick a few. 

3. If you don't know which to go up, the Rockefeller or the Empire State Building, having been up both I would suggest the Rockefeller. The views are better, the observation deck is better and getting to the top is WAY better! With ESB we qued for ages, then got lifts so far up, then had to either wait over 30 mins for the next lift or walk - which we did - and I really hated that part. With the Rockefeller, its two lifts that are kinda see through, as in you look up and can see the lift going up the shaft, and there is a video playing and it takes like 30 seconds. Defo recommend. 

 My dad and Alix on the higher deck! (right)

 The Lego shop in the Rockefeller Plaza

 Tiffanys window display; Diesel shop; the changing rooms in NikeTown - thought this was ace!
 Trump Tower and the waterfall inside
 Massive baubles/lights being put up around the city 
 The Lipstick Building, Chrysler Building and The Hemsley Building

Bottom left - breakfast, chilli dog, champagne Martini. For tea we went to a place my parents have been to when they went to Florida a few years ago, the Outback Steakhouse. They loved it and it took us a while to find the NYC one but when we did I adored it too! I very rarely eat steak to be honest so when I do it is a very nice treat! The staff here were incredibly friendly and we started with their Blooming Onion (main picture). It's basically a whole onion, cut and deep fried. And it tastes amaaa-zing. Immensely bad for you of course and I don't even want to think about the calories but it's gorgeous. For my main I chose just a sirloin steak with chips and you pick either a salad or soup as a side so I went for a caesar salad and couldn't believe the size of it for a side! It was the best caesar salad I've ever had though. And you know the best thing about the Outback? For the massive onion, and bread to start, then three salads, a soup, four steak and chips and eight drinks it was about $40 CHEAPER than the place we went the night before, the absolutely RUBBISH place. Unbelievable!



  1. So jealous, would love to go to New York. Looks like you had an ace time. I like your new blog layout too xx

  2. Love all the pictures! The view from the Rockerfeller centre looks AMAZING! Must do that next time I'm in NYC!

  3. Love all these photos. I so badly want to go to NYC!

  4. Firstly I just want to thank you for your comments on my blog.

    They really got me thinking and what you said made me think in a totally different way.

    I think I will always suffer with low self esteem but you have really helped me and whenever I feel low I will think of what you have really has made such a big impact on me so thank you so so much.

    I have bookmarked this page as I want to read this post from top to bottom and to be honest I logged on quickly to catch up on people's blogs I just don't seem to have much time at the moment.

    I love your photos too the one of you and your brother is lovely.

    I will be reading this in the next couple of days and leaving more comments.

    Take care and thank you so much xx

  5. I want a blooming onion!! Fab pictures chick, really really want to go to NY!! xxx

  6. Love these photos and if we go this year I think I would prefer to go to the Rockerfeller than the ESB. I am a bit funny with heights and lifts so that worries me. Its weird but I hate lifts that are ciosed in so the Rockerfeller one sounds nicer.

    The steak place sounds great too, my OH loves steak so he would definitely want to go there xx