Tuesday, 10 January 2012

#10 Aussie Hair - Washes 11 - 16

Hey girls

So as promised here is my second round up of how many washes I can get out of my new bigger bottles of Aussie shampoo!

This takes me up to 16 washes using both the shampoo and conditioner. My hair definitely feels softer after washing and I swear the smell is lasting longer?! I don't know why, it just seems stronger and I'll catch a whiff of it on a night as I'm going to sleep even though I washed my hair hours ago...maybe I'm just using more product or something than usual.

Part three will be next Tuesday!



  1. i'm seeing these everywhere! I'll realy have to purchase a bottle to try it out myself!


  2. It's lasted me ages too and I still have over half a bottle left!! Shall definitely be buying more :) x

  3. You look really different with your specs on!x

  4. You look really different with your specs on!x

  5. whoop! pleased to see a glasses picture here missy! and they really suit you! I had a glasses day today too :) xxx

  6. Your hair is lovely I love Aussie products xxx