Monday, 9 January 2012

#09 New York City: Day Three - 19 November 2011

On to day three of my pictures and once again, I'll mention that theres quite a few pics in here although I have tried to collage bits together! 

On Saturday we decided to hop back onto the bus as it was the second and last day to use them, and we were heading for a different tour this time. Now this tour only picked up every 40 minutes or something and the pick up point was outside Central Park so we made our way down there and had a look around the Apple Store until the bus arrived. 

When we got on the bus the driver said that actually we had to get back off the bus at Times Square and get onto another one. When we got to that one we got onto the bus only to discover it was absolutely packed - no seats for us four to sit together, just four separate seats all dotted around over the bus, next to other people. We decided to get off and the tour guide was mocking up as we got off but I don't know about you, I don't pay $50 and get on a bus that I'm gonna be sat on for at least 30 minutes and sit apart from the four people I had come with?! I was really mad that after all our messing and queing at the other stop to ensure we sat together we were almost split up, and then just as the full bus pulled off a wholly empty one pulled up saying it was doing the tour as well, so all was well again! This tour guide was a lovely little old man and once again was full of the facts!

I was really gobsmacked when he told us that certain billboards in America on the sides of buildings are not actually posters like most other advertisements - but actual artwork! Look below for example - a H&M advert that was dotted around other places in the city - but in this particular place was being drawn on by men to look exactly the same. I think it's brilliant! 
This particular bus went past lots of famous buildings and places where celebrities live, or have lived, and I took pictures of them all - only, there were so many, I can't actually remember who lived where, which is a bit of  a shame! I suppose the main place was the place John Lennon lived, and was shot in 1980, The Dakota. 

I was actually really excited to go into the American Museum of Natural History and took so many pictures that I can actually bore myself looking at them so I won't bore you as well! Here are a few of my favourites though!

After we'd caught our bus again we stayed on it until it dropped us back in Times Square, passing other places such as the Guggenheim Museum, and the Apollo which apparently Michael Jackson once played a concert at. 
You all know how much I love my pepsi,..had to snap a pic of a 'New York' branded can! #saddo After dropping our bags off at the hotel we went window shopping around the Rockefeller Centre, marvelling at all the bright Christmas decorations! The picture below is the Cartier shop, which was by far my favourite. 

When we got hungry my mum asked if we should just go back to the same gorgeous Italian we went to on the first night but I said it was silly to be in New York City for 6 days and go to the same restaurant twice, and so we ended up in a small restuarant not far from the Italian/hotel. We all picked from the set menu - three courses for around $30. The place itself was pokey, small, and basically rubbish, the table was sloping and the table mat was cheap and plastic. For starter I picked bruschetta, and it was so hard I ended up leaving it. For my main, after seeing my mums gorgeous lasagne the other night I picked that - I have had cheap weight watchers microwave meals that tasted better! It was obviously just stuck in a microwave and tasted absolutely crap (below left). My dads meat was swimming in a blueberry sauce that wouldn't have been out of place in a desert dish - it was just unbelievably rubbish. Alix picked chicken and when he got it (below right) it was chicken, covered in cheese and then a pile of pasta as well - just weird, like two dishes on one plate. When we picked our deserts there were only four two choose from and the two which were the ones I would have had were out. No one mentioned this to us before, which you would have thought they would (the place was dead apart from us and one other table) - so i ended up just getting cheesecake and giving it to my mum. I was so disappointed I cant begin to tell you! Words can't describe the crapness. I HATE going for food and it being rubbish - I love my food! :-( 

After that disappointment and being worn out I'm not even lying when I say all I wanted to do was get back to the hotel, get into my PJ's, jump in bed and watch Spongebob Square Pants and iCarly on Nickelodeon!!

Once again I hope you have enjoyed reading/looking at some of my photos!



  1. I've loved reading your New York posts, i'm so going to go this year. Another one who hates going out to eat only for the food to be crappy, booo x

  2. Did you buy much whilst there? x

  3. So glad to see another tour bus hop on hop off lover. In big cities it's the best way to see a lot quickly as in NYC you don't want to miss anything!


  4. Amazing photos I will be reading this properly in the next few days as I love reading these posts xx

  5. Gosh I hate going for for a meal and the food is horrible.

    I think the bus tours sound great but I agree if you are going to pay that amount you want to sit with people you are with xx