Sunday, 8 January 2012

#08 Life according to my iPhone - Week 1

I thought I'd try to do one of these posts at the end of every week of all photographs I'd taken on my iPhone, the majority published to Instagram, I always find these posts pretty cool.

I read Chris Evans second book, Memoirs of A Fruitcake, at the start of the year. My first completed book of 2012! I'm not a raging Chris fan or anything but I really do find his books interesting, he's done so much in his life, and I have to admit I actually welled up when he got to the point of splitting up with Billie! I read Billie's book years ago but just can't remember it, wish I still had it to re-read. 

Wearing my Sponge Bob socks that Alix bought me for Christmas, using my gift from Lauren which I mentioned in an earlier post, some cute tissues I picked up in the Next sale for 50p, FOTD, messing around with one of the many photo apps I have, my cat Milo is not very well at the moment :( First Starbucks of the year, having a massive nightmare getting to work on Thursday meant lunchtime definitely needed rose wine, a cupcake my brothers girlfriend made for a treat on Friday night

ADDICTED TO TEMPLE RUN!! Sending to my stats to Charlotte and Sinead...I've played 1,328 games since the middle of November! If you aren't aware of this game you need to get on it, it's free, and its basically a same level game where you just follow a path round trying not to die by falling into the water or over a tree etc and collecting coins. And it's immense. Look, I'm even giving you a link so you can download it now

I swear all I ate yesterday was pizza. We went to Costco and I feel obliged to buy a slice of pizza each time I go (which isn't very often) because it's just THAT GOOD. And then we bought a big square one to cook later, so I had some more for tea. Pizza and water have been practically the only things put into my mouth today! Good times!! I have been reading tonight about some of the changes Weight Watchers have made to their plan (again) and it's really left me feeling a little bit :-/ I don't know what to do now, I don't want to go to Weight Watchers and practically do the Slimming World plan, the Slimming World plan has been done to death for me which is why I liked WW...any WW members reading that can help?! :( 

I'm also trying to get into Pinterest more, please let me know if you have an account and I can follow you, here are the few pictures I loved this week: 

This idea is absolutely fantastic, a vintage postcard calender journal. God knows I have more than enough old postcards (kind of an obsession to collect them everytime I see any!) - this would be such a fab project.

Love this quote and think it would look fabulous as a print, in a big old fancy frame.

I cannot wait to have my own place and have a plethora of fairy lights around the bedroom again. I really love the idea of a quote on the wall, nothing too big, and this too shall pass is one of my favourite quotes as it goes. I love the positioning of the letters, above the window.

Feel free to link me to any Instagram/weekly round up posts you may have done!


  1. Great photos! Gotta say that pizza looks yummy!!!

    I too will be revamping my room with lights and canvasses/text! I look forward to seeing the results when you get round to it :)

  2. I love it! Your photos are really ace!