Saturday, 7 January 2012

#07 New York City: Day Two - 18 November 2011

So onto day two of my trip - and I have to warn you this is a pretty picture heavy post!

 Me and my brother Alix

We set off in search of breakfast and found most places we tried absolutely packed - we ended up in a place at the bottom of Times Square and all sort of misunderstood just how big the breakfast would be - when I picked eggs and bacon I expected like two rashers of bacon and a English sized portion of eggs...  
 What it actually was was a huge pile of bacon, a huge pile of eggs, two slices of bread and a huge portion of home fries (potatoes and peppers, onions...still don't really understand the whole eating fried potatoes for breakfast!). Mine is the picture on the right, Alix's on the left - he asked for a croissant with cheese. Massive! massive but gorgeous! 
Times Square, Macys Christmas Tree outside and one of their decorations - Believe!

After breakfast we had a wander round Times Square and then picked up some tickets for the open top bus. If you are going to New York yourself I really can't recommend these tickets enough - they're around $50 and last for two full days. There are four different tours you can do, they mainly turn up every ten - fifteen minutes and you can literally hop on and hop off at any stop (apart from the night time tour - once you're on you can't get off that). You see so many sights and I also think one of the added bonuses is the tour guides - each one is different, each one has their own facts and way of telling you many stories about the different sights. 

The Flat Iron Building 

Obligatory M&M shop pictures! Alix and Spiderman
St Pauls Chapel, Charging Bull, Smithsonian
Battery Park, Staten Island Ferry and a bookstore I saw that I thought looked too cute! 

 Brooklyn Bridge

We hopped off the bus at South Street Seaport and had a little look around there, I was a bit disappointed I'd had such a massive brekkie because last time I went to SSS I had some food and I love the little foodcourt there! There's so many different things to eat and all the places are handing out free testers - it's all really nice food. Alas! This time I was just WAY too full to eat anything :( 

Unfortunately the tree at the Rockefeller Centre wasn't unveiled until the day after we'd left. The ice skating rink was open and although we didn't go and actually skate we had a look around.
 The massive advertising board in Times Square, Chrysler Building, Union Park
On Friday night we took the night tour around Brooklyn. Like I said earlier you get picked up at the stop and then dropped back at the same place after the tours over, you can't get off. It's really good, albeit it cold but the sights you see more than make up for it. I took quite a few pictures and my brother took loads but I just thought I'd show you these two I took...

The Empire State Building

It does tire you out though, think its all the wind blowing in your face while you're going over the bridges! and coupled with all the walking around in the day, as soon as we got off the bus we headed to TGI Fridays, enjoyed a burger and hit the sack! 

Cocktails at TGI; The Ketchup in TGIs which I loved - I swear you would never see anything like this in our country, we are so not patriotic at all!; Brownie dessert which we got free as we were left waiting for our mains so long! 

Well done if you made it to this point reading and not just skimming through the pictures! I hope this is all not too boring, it's the sort of thing I would love to read on other peoples blogs and I'm always looking for new travel blogs to read so if you know of any good ones leave me a comment below! 



  1. Hi Carla, I have really enjoyed your holiday snaps, they are amazing! Can't wait for the rest.

  2. Lovely photos again, they are really making me nostalgic! xxx

  3. Looks amazing :) Thanks for sharing xx

  4. Completely and utterly jealous xxx

  5. Fantastic I love reading this.

    I think the bus idea is brilliant xx

  6. I love reading about your travels! I only know 2 travel blogs, London Travel Geek who's on a gap year I think but it's more of a personal diary and Linz Loves who's Phillip DeFranco's gf if you watch him on YouTube. She's also got a channel that she generally only updates when travelling :)

  7. I love your pictures, I can't wait to go to new york!


  8. ah you've made me want to go to NYC again! we did the open top bus tour to Brooklyn too I loved the view over the river with all the lights :) love the M&M photo's! xxx

  9. Wow looks like fun! Love the ketchup idea, if only eh!! x

  10. Looks amazing, you've made me want to go to NY even more now :) x