Friday, 6 January 2012

#06 Christmas 2011

A little belated but I will never tire of seeing peoples Christmas posts. As the song goes, I wish it could be Christmas every day, give me winter months over summer any day. For me, once my birthday (18 August) is out of the way I let myself begin to get excited about the coming months, and I feel so sad when the tree comes down and normality is restored! Here's a few pictures I've taken over the last week or so. 

 The back room
Three books I bought to read in December. Mrs Miracle has my heart <3 If you've never read the book or watched the films I urge you to do so next Christmas! 

 The front room
 In the middle of cooking breakfast on Christmas Eve
 Christmas Day!

 A surprise pressie my mum and dad picked up from the CCO for me <3
Double woven and leather wrap Pandora bracelet 

 The conservatory all decked out ready for Christmas Day meal 
Fooooood...I like a lot of gravy! And I didn't eat any of the pudding (belugh...) I made up for it by eating millions of pigs in blankets though!
This is without a doubt the best and most favourite photograph I have EVER taken. I am so in love with it my mouth just automatically omits a 'eee' sound every time I look at it. Look at her tongue! Eeee  I love her <3

 Boxing Day...stollen and chocolate log 
This was taken on 02/01/12 but I've put it here to show the fab chip and dip set my friend bought me for Christmas! I love it. 

Hope you enjoyed looking at my pics as much as I enjoyed looking at everyone elses! 



  1. awww that cat photo is so lovely.

    All the food looks delish!

    I love your top too is that from George at Asda?? xx

  2. Amazing photos! All those food pictures are making me want Christmas dinner all over again!

    Your cat is so cute :) xx

  3. great photos. that photo of your cat is too cute!! can't stop looking at it and awwing. great timing or what!xx

  4. Lovely photo's

    I read 'The Night Before Christmas' I loved it <3