Thursday, 5 January 2012

#05 New York City: Day One - 17 November 2011

I thought it would be a good idea to do an (albeit belated) diary as such of New York so I could show you a few of my photos and also write down what we did each day so I can look back on here and remember it! The year I went before I was writing a proper diary that year and literally wrote every single thing I did but I can't really say I do that any more, the closest thing to that would be this so... 

We flew at around 8.30 am from Manchester Airport on Thursday 17 November, and, despite us getting there an hour before check in desks opened and standing in the que from the minute we arrived, by the time we had reached the end and checked our bags in there was incredibly only 30 mins before boarding - it all seemed so rushed. When we got to the boarding areas however no one could board - until a few people had come forward to say they would take compensation to take a later flight as they had overbooked the flight. It was pretty unbelievable, that has never happened to me on a flight before nor did I know they even did that - HOW do they overbook a flight ... and then just make you sit around until a couple of kind people decide to completely mess up the beginning of their holiday and take a different flight. I mean it messes everything up - bags had already been loaded onto the plane, a lot of people arrange for transport to pick you up at your destination at a certain time was just a total farce. It also knocked out all the prebooked seats we'd asked for so I ended up sat on my own which was pretty annoying with it being an eight hour flight.

And when we finally landed, the company we had asked to collect us just kept passing us off to another person...then when we arrived at our hotel and checked in it appeared that they had, instead of putting my parents in one double room and me ad my brother in a twin, had actually put us in rooms with one double. The stroppy young receptionist said she couldn't do anything as there were no rooms left at all in the hotel and we had no choice. And the double beds were small. So we decided I would share with my mum and Alix with my dad, which made me a feel a little dirty that we were going away for my mums special birthday and then getting all split up like that! After unpacking my dad and Alix came to our room and on the way passed an empty twin room so popped back down to reception to speak to someone else who said he could have that - so que us packing all our things again and me and Alix heading up to the 15th floor this time and finally getting sorted! 

After a day of what seemed like just messing around the only thing we really wanted to do was get out, have a quick wander around to gather our bearings and get some proper food. 

We stumbled upon Grand Central Station almost immediately, something I actually didn't see the last time I was there so that was nice. We had a look inside and found lots of stalls - I have no idea if these are usually there but there was some gorgeous stuff for sale.

I also watched Friends with Benefits again on the plane so snapped a picture of this restaurant which is where Justin and Mila go after he has done the whole flash mob thing in GCS for her!

The ceilings in GCS are absolutely gorgeous. Being inside reminded me of this picture I have picked up somewhere along my travels on the internet - its the inside of Grand Central station in 1941. See the sunlight streaming through the windows? It can't do that these days because of all the skyscrapers surrounding it. I think that's amazing! Just me?!

After a little mooch around we ended up in a small Italian place just down from our hotel - it's a shame I didn't get the name because I would most definitely recommend it! I was so torn on what to pick to eat- it was a toss up between the spaghetti and meatballs, penne pasta or lasagne. I went for the spaghetti and meatballs and my mum got the lasagne which I didn't get a picture of - oh. my. God. It looked and tasted absolutely immense. 

Alix went for the penne pasta - I swear every time I see this picture my mouth waters at that cheeeessseee MMM. 

After a very delicious meal there was only one thing we all wanted to do - get to sleep! So no more pics for Day One, Day Two will be up shortly! Hope you enjoyed reading if you made it this far!  



  1. Gorgeous photos. A friend of mine has moved to NY to work there and her photos always make me so jealous! Can't believe they overbooked the flight though. I've never understood how they can make such mistakes xx

  2. Thank you! Omg i would be so jealous of her too!! I was totally baffled it makes no sense to me how they can overbook either. Xxx

  3. What a palarva the beginning of your trip was! I've never heard of anything like that either, what would happen if no one volunteered to go later? I really want to go to NY and your pics have made me want a holiday badly lol! xx

  4. ahhh you make me wish i was back in new york so much!! sucks about all the hooha before arriving its never a nice way to start off a holiday but at least you got there! looks like you had an amazing time. can't wait to see the rest!xx

  5. Can't wait for all of your NY posts, it's two years since we were there. We visited the Oyster bar for my b'day in GCS - would reccomend that if you go back!

    Great pics x

    The doll on fashion

  6. Awww your pictures are gorgeous :). Have to agree the ceilings in GCS are absolutely stunning, I was like WOW when I was in there. :)

    Look forward to seeing all your snaps :).x

  7. Wow what gorgeous photos. So jealous it looks amazing!


  8. awww wow I am so jealous I really want to go to New York!

    Hubby and I are planning to go this November as its my 40th.

    Your photos are amazing and reading this has just made me want to go even more.


  9. Fabulous pics, looks magical :) x