Wednesday, 4 January 2012

#04 Back to normality

Yesterday was my first day back at work after ten off! It's not a lot but I feel like I've had about a month off and wasn't even too bothered to go back to tell the truth, sort of excited (is that weird?). But then when I woke up the rain and wind were so bad. I think I really need to work on my fears of the wind, I lay in bed panicking the roof will blow off or other silly things. 

And it ruins all my outfit plans! I've wrote plans of all the clothes I want to wear this week and it's pretty much skirts all the way. But thanks to the rain I had to wear jeggings and change when I get to work which I hate doing :( 

I got a few tops in the sales this week, from Next and River Island, that I'm just gonna wear for work. I now have a lovely work wardrobe and no nice weekend/going out clothes but since I spend the majority of time at work I suppose that doesn't matter! This blouse was from Next and should have been £28, reduced to around £14 I think. It's like two sizes too big and feels massive but when pull the sleeves up I kinda like it. 

I've been trying to get my mum to help me take photos of me but it just sort of turns into a massive laughing fest watching her try to work the camera (especially the iPhone, she doesn't realise it's taken the pics and just keeps pressing the button so I end up with 50 million photos). I look so awkward on these!! I want to start doing a lot more outfit posts so I need to get used to this! 

As part of my NYR to take more photos I've joined Daily Booth so if you're on there feel free to follow as I only have two followers! Does anyone still use this site??! I follow a few people yet no one seems to post. My mum also wants in so I'm taking a photo of her every day although I'm not posting them on the internet. It's kinda fun :-) 

I'm wearing a gorgeous nail varnish I picked up in New York, it's an OPI one, think it's I Eat Maine-ly Lobster or something. I'll do a post on it later this month when I do the rest of the stuff I got in New York. I asked my mum to take a photo of my hands tonight to show the polish and accessories I wore today - I gave up in the end and this was the best of a bad bunch! 

A couple of people asked me about the polish I was wearing in my pictures post the other day. 

It was a combination of three - I remembered when I first tried out Models Own polishes, and I wore Emerald City all the time! I never wear glitters like that anymore, it was about ten coats and a bitch to remove so I just did one coat over two coats of Barry M's Emerald Green. After a couple of days it ended up chipping and I had a spontaneous meeting with a friend after work so I just layered on OPI's Rainbow Connection to distract from the chipping!! 

One last thing about something that happened recently: About two weeks ago I had a dream that I was sat in a booth and a huge rat came chasing round the top of it and I could see it getting closer to me but I was frozen and couldn't move, and just as it reached me I woke up. When I opened my eyes however, in the dark of my room, I saw a shadow on the wall next to me and thought it was the rat and screamed out embarrassing. That night after work my parents were laughing at me about it and then they went upstairs and I stayed down reading a book, cosying up to the Christmas tree, when my cat came in with a mouse in her mouth!! I screamed the whole house down it was HORRIBLE. Cut to yesterday, I was down in the basement talking to my colleague, and outside her office is a set of stairs that lead down from the main street, only a few stairs, and it is a busy place we work, and I saw a huge fucking RAT just casually walking down the stairs like it owned the whole of Leeds and hadn't a care in the world!!! I was so freaked out - I knew I was going to see a rat after that dream but thought the mouse might have made up for it! We screamed the building down and ran to higher ground but then I was really  scared going for a wee for the rest of the afternoon in case it was in the toilet :( Do rats do that? I know it might be common to see them in cities like London but I swear I can't ever remember seeing any in Leeds! Ew I'm itching all over again now :( 



  1. You look lovely in the outfit pictures hun, love the top! I love love the photo of you laughing, so natural and beautiful! Urgh at your rat dream! I saw a rat outside my house once and screamed the whole street down urgh! xx

  2. love the outfit posts! can't wait to see more =) talking of bad dreams when i went to manchester to visit family i dreamed that i was in lord of the rings! i woke up utterly confused and wondering why :P dreams are strange little things!xx

  3. Haha aww you shouldn't be scared of mice and rats like that :) xx

  4. Love you in the red top, it really suits you!

    Eek about the mice and rats, i'd be shrieking too!

    The doll on fashion

  5. Oh mums trying to work camera phones is always hilarious. I'm sure she'll get better with practise.


  6. I love that top bb & you look adorable in the grinning pic!
    Ew at the rat story though :(