Sunday, 1 January 2012

#01 New Years Resolutions

Hello beauties!

Long time no heart has not really been in blogging since before my trip to New York! Blogging or twitter really. I thought perhaps having a week or so break before my holiday I would be feeling a bit refreshed upon my return but it's really taken me until now to feel like getting back into it.

I've got lots of plans for lots of posts in January and hopefully the rest of the year so where better to start than a New Years rezzies post! I know you will see millions of these right now but I love a good list! 

1. It was one of my resolutions last year to drink less pop and I do think I made significant progress with this! I never said I would cut it out and it isn't what I want to do (just physically not possible) but I used to drink around 3 cans a day, a lot of the time more. I made a real effort to drink more water and can honestly say that if I lack on drinking two litres a day, I feel more lethargic and just generally rubbish, which is something I never thought I'd say. Since going to New York though, I have kinda laxed out on the water drinking and reverted back to pop. I've been drinking very little water and so I am going to aim to drinking at least two litres of water a day from 01/01/12 - I've even printed off a little year to view calender so I can cross of each day once I've drank it! What a sado. I also have stopped eating healthily the past few months and want to rejoin Weight Watchers and continue on with my weight loss journey I started last year! I'm pretty excited to get started on it to be honest - I've eaten way too much lately. 

2. I live in leggings. I'm not even exaggerating - I don't wear jeans, I wear leggings day in day out. I might take trousers and change into them for a few hours a day at work occasionally, and I do wear skirts more than I used to. But I want to start wearing skirts more, and introduce dresses to my wardrobe! 

3. Pretty self explanatory and something I have touched upon lots of times on here - to cut a long story short, I am very badly short sighted, I should wear glasses way more than I do, I hate wearing them and thus wear contacts constantly - I am going to force myself to wear glasses more often. 

4. I have 36 books in my to be read pile and am not allowing myself to buy any other books until I have finished this pile. My only exceptions will be if something is too good an offer to pass up (for instance I managed to get James Corden's book a week before Christmas for £5 which is a fantastic offer!). I'm also going to add this as a page in at the top, a list of the books I have to read and will be updating my progress as I go along! 

5. I've purchased a Moleskin diary for the first time and aim to write in it every day! And I want to blog a lot more than I have been doing. I've had a clear out of a lot of blogs I was following and found new ones to get excited about and am hoping this will all help!

6. I downloaded a Project 365 app last year and began to use it but got a bit bored/started to forget after a couple of months so I'm hoping to try and use this properly - my mum also wants to get in on the act so hopefully this will work!

7. Exactly what I've written! Stop wasting money on things like loads of make up and stuff I just don't need - I don't need ten million lipsticks all different shades of pink etc etc. So stopping buying this and instead saving the money helps me with number ...

8. To move out! Preferably before August when I turn 26 (sob).

What New Years resolutions have you made this year? Link me up to any posts you may have done!

I'll leave with this song, being the New Year and all. It's a classic and the whole reason I love the Sex and the city film - this part is just my favourite.

Happy New Year everyone! xxx


  1. Happy new year bb! Can't wait to see the posts you have lined up :)

  2. Great post, good luck with them and happy new year!


  3. good luck with all your goals carla, happy new year! xx

  4. Fab post, lovely to see you back here :). Best of luck with the above, mine are also to cut out pop, save more and move out!! We can do it ;) xxx

  5. Great post :) best of luck with your 2012 resolutions. I already broke #4 .

  6. Happy New Year! :)

    Good luck with your resolutions - mine are very similar, I'm rejoining Slimming World tomorrow!

    Looking forward to the posts you have planned! xx