Tuesday, 31 January 2012

#31 - Aussie Hair - Washes 24 - 28

Hello ladies

So once again here is another update of my seemingly never ending bigger bottle of Aussie shampoo. If you've forgotten the drill, Aussie have recently increased the size of their shampoos and conditioners to 500/400ml and changed up the formula a bit. I am documenting just exactly how many washes I can now get out of one bottle with a small photo diary each Tuesday. So without further ado,here are my next five washes ...

You can read the rest of my Aussie instalments by clicking here :-)


Monday, 30 January 2012

#30 We'll Take Manhattan

This morning when I left for work it had just started snowing. Do you like the snow? I think I'm the only person who doesn't really mind it. If it's not too heavy I love walking with no hood or brolly up and I love just watching it all come down, or on a morning when you first see it before the cars and people have disrupted it and turned it into slush.

It didn't last long anyway, just a dusting as they say! And there was no sign of it when I got to work in Leeds. Still it was bitterly cold today so I didn't leave the office all day, got back on track with my diet after a cheeky Nandos at the weekend, when I got peckish in the afternoon I just forced myself to drink water to try and fill me up instead of going to the shop. 

When I got home I sat in the room with my feet on the fireplace finishing my book, The Book of Tomorrow. It's taken me a while to really get into it. I always say I love Cecilia Ahern but I really think I actually only love Where Rainbows End. It's my all time favourite book, and whilst I loved PS I Love You I can't read it again because I cry way too much, I remember when I read it, sat around a pool in Ayia Napa crying with my sunglasses on!

Tonight I watched We'll Take Manhattan on BBC iPlayer, have you seen it? It's starring Karen Gillan from Doctor Who, am a bit of a 'whoobie' myself and quite like her, and Aneurin Barnard who I thought was absolutely gorgeous. It's set in the 1960's telling the story of the photographer David Bailey and the model Jean Shrimpton. 

Did anyone else catch this? It's available on iPlayer here until Thursday. I was thinking of watching Birdsong as well, does anyone recommend that? 


Sunday, 29 January 2012

#29 Life According to my iphone - week 4

1 - Scones, strawberries and nutella; Me and my friends little girl; drinking champagne
2 - Watching Mr Tumbles; Indulging in a Krispy Kreme; Trying on a new dress from River Island
3 - Being ill sucks :( ; Barry M Raspberry and 17 Silver Shatter; New Kit Kats advert
4 - Myself, Charlotte and Sinead (Charlotte's pic!), Me and Sinead, Ray 
5 - Ray drinking some of the champagne we were bought, Me and Charlotte

Just realised the picture of the scones is on twice, oops! 

It's been a weird week, feels a lot longer than a single week that's for sure! After being ill on Thursday and Friday I was feeling a bit better on Saturday so headed into Leeds to meet some lovely friends for shopping and Nandos, and then quickly ran home and got ready and went back to meet them all again for some drinks. 

A major event occurred as well, people who know me in 'real life' - I actually managed to keep my brand new beige wedges in perfect condition!!! I cannot tell you the last time this happened because, this never happens. I am very pleased about this, unless you know what it's like to spend money on shoes and ruin them (or lose them) on a night out without fail every time you're out you probably won't appreciate this little tidbit. But if you do, virtually high five me!!

Hope everyone has had a good weekend!


Saturday, 28 January 2012

#28 Flutter Face

When I was browsing eBay recently I came across a seller called Flutter Face who caught my eye selling these adjustable rings. You picked a word from a selection of many, then the dictionary meaning of that word was put into a ring.

There were so many to choose from and I ummed and aahed for ages - but eventually settled on Fate for myself and Angel for a friend (who I haven't given this to yet, so I hope she doesn't read this before I do..).

When I received these - the very next day - I was so happy to find the seller had thrown in an extra ring for me as well! 

She seems very sweet and lovely and I've added her to my favourites. I am in no way affiliated with this seller, I just thought these rings were very sweet and wanted to show you them. 

The rings are only £2.99 each and as I bought these two at the same time, with the postage it all came to £5.98. The seller is Flutter Face and can be found here

A very short post from me tonight as I am going out (a once in a blue moon chance!) for Ray's birthday so I'm going to get ready now!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


Friday, 27 January 2012

#27 NYC Purchases

I said I'd do a little post of what I picked up in New York and low and behold here it is. It's not really a lot, I took around £700 and spent all of it but now I'm looking at this stuff I don't actually know where half of that went. 

I obviously stocked up on my bedtime 'I <3 NY' tee shirts, along with a couple of others, I replaced my NYPD and FDNY tees, also picked up one from the 9/11 Memorial shop too, not to mention buying supplies for various friends, and a couple of hoodies for myself and presents. 

We also saw some CSI tee shirts - just blue t shirts with a yellow CSI banner on them, and as we are all obsessed with CSI in our family we thought it would be funny to buy them as a joke but when my mum saw they were $20 she didn't want to waste that much on a top she won't really wear. When me and Alix went shopping we picked up four of them and kept them hidden away until Christmas, when we wrapped up one each for my parents and put one on ourselves hidden under our dressing gowns ready to open them when they opened the presents! 

Speaking of CSI, our favourite spin off is the New York ones, so it was highly ironic that we actually saw Sheldon Hawkes in NYC one night!!! 

So I guess the two main things I spent my money on were (apart from t shirts!) were a pair of Uggs and a Michael Kors watch. 

I really wasn't planning on buying these - I hardly ever get use out of the pair I already have - but I absolutely love this colour. There is an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie is in her apartment wearing the same colour Uggs and I have always tried to find them in the UK but never succeeded! They were always red or pink, never a what I call Plum (and what Ugg call Sangria) colour. So when I saw them I had to pick them up. 

I already have an MK watch which I received for my birthday in August and after catching a glimpse of a navy blue one a few months later I became kind of obsessed with getting one. The site I saw it on had sold out and after a couple of weeks of searching I just stuck it on the 'would like to own one day' pile! I asked in the Michael Kors shop and the woman who served us (who was absolutely gorgeous, but mistake my name for Alan - Carla - Alan - not sure how they sound the same OR why she thought I had a mans name...) said they no longer sold that watch and it had been discontinued. So I picked up this one instead: the MK5191. I know it's black, not navy but it's close enough I guess :) I love it and have worn it almost every day since buying it. 

 In Juicy Couture I picked up this cute bracelet and earrings.

I ventured into one Sephora and it was so busy I couldn't stand it and had to get out. I found a bigger one a few days later and went into that and really, not a lot caught my eye. So all I picked up was a Christmas Philosophy tin - Sugar Plum Frost. As soon as the bubble bath is all finished I think I'm going to use the tin to store my Lush products in :) 
 ... And some Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Gel.  I also ventured into MAC just the once, the store within the Flat Iron Building, and picked up the 208 Eyebrow Brush, something I have been meaning to pick up for ages.

I went into one of the many Duane Reade pharmacies and bought three nail varnishes:  

I do already have NYC Starry Silver Glitter which i obviously bought over here, and for a while I was wearing it constantly and wanted to buy a backup but I don't know why, like if NYC have gone out of business or something but all the stands near me are constantly almost empty. So when I saw this in America I picked it up - It was like $1.29 as well, how cheap!! 
In the HBO shop I picked up a couple of True Blood related things - A Fantasia glass, a double sided bookmark, a Bon Temps t shirt (new favourite bed time top!) and a couple of bottles of True Blood.  

And the rest was just stupid touristy tatt I guess, I love that kind of stuff!!

You know I love Obama, how could I not get a bobble head, or some mints... 

So that's it! As always you can read about my New York posts here...


Thursday, 26 January 2012

#26 Let's Stay Together

Hi guys

Just a very short post today as I'm not very well. I felt really ill this morning and gradually have got worse throughout the day so I left work early and have spent the rest of the day in bed really :( 

I didn't want to not post as I have been posting every day so far, not sure if you have noticed, but I really wanted to keep up to it! I wasn't sure what to blog about tonight but then I remembered I wanted to show you this video yesterday and I forgot. It's just a cute video of Obama doing a speech at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem (click the link to see the picture I took of it when I was there!) and he starts singing Al Green's Lets Stay Together. I love Obama, I have loads of photos on my computer of him like a geek, love anything to do with him so this wasn't surprising that I love this video! 

Have you seen this before? I think he can really sing! Even though he only actually sings a line lol. 

Hopefully I'll be feeling better tomorrow to do a 'proper' post! 


Wednesday, 25 January 2012

#25 shopping my stash - blushers

I blogged last week about the foundations I want to use up before allowing myself to buy any more. So I thought I'd show you today the blushers I want to finish!

In 2010 when I blogged about my make up storage, I only had five blushers. It's now gone up to 19 and looking at the top photo, that top row at the start looks pretty identical to me. The only ones I usually wear all the time are the two Illamasqua cream blushers I own in Rude and Promise. I honestly feel like I could lose my entire blush collection - well, maybe keeping MAC Movie Star Red as well - and be fine with just those to use. I barely touch the rest of the collection now I own the cream blushes. 

The products I really want to use up though are the 6 pictured on the second picture. Maybelline Dream Mousse and Pure Blush Mineral, The Body Shop Cool Dusk, Maxfactor Miracle Blush and the two Bene/Posie Tint samples that came free with a magazine not too long ago. 

I can't say I'm as enthusiastic about using these up as I am with using the foundations up, I'm stuck in a little blush rut I guess using the same couple over and over and when I'm in that mindset nothing else comes close to looking nice! 

Gosh I had such  a late night last night that I'm practically typing this with my eyes closed, definitely hitting t he sack once this post has been published! 

Can't believe a month ago today was Christmas Day!! I miss Christmas :( 


Tuesday, 24 January 2012

#24 Aussie Hair - Washes 19 - 23

Just a quick post with another update of my Aussie washes with my bigger bottles! As you can see I've now up to wash 23 and I still have a fair bit in my bottles! 

I have realised lately that I barely straighten my hair any more. I just leave it to dry naturally thus creating the waves you see in three pictures above. On the two pictures on the right, which were taken this weekend, that was just blow drying, not straightening - I remember a time when I would go no where without my straighteners! The picture in the middle with my red blouse on is the one time all week I did pull the GHD's out. My hair looks so long on that picture! 

How many washes are you up to in the bigger bottles?


Monday, 23 January 2012

#23 January Pay Day Wishlist

For the first time in what seems like years - what probably is years - I'm actually not desperate for pay day!! It's this Friday for me and, whilst I'm not scrimping away just yet, I still thought I'd do a quick post of what I've been hoping to get once it rolls around. 

As the bad weather is still upon us and we've been threatened with snow frequently since Christmas ended, I really want to buy some wellies. I've lusted after Hunters for years but I know three people who had them five minutes before they deemed them a waste of money, so I'm not quite ready to take the plunge on them quite yet...instead I've seen some in Topshop that I quite like the sailor like stripes of so I am hoping to find these in my local Topshop soon! Has anyone got any other wellington recommendations, do you love Hunters?

I'm always lusting after what I call 'weekend' clothes - boyfriend jumpers etc. to just slouch around in when I'm not at work, and I love this coral striped jumper from Dorothy Perkins. It's only £25 and coral is one of my favourite colours, I think this would look perfect with some leggings/jeans. 

River Island is home to the final three items of clothing up there - the two skirts and swing crop shirt. Again another beautiful coral colour and only £20 which I think is quite good for River Island(!) I think this would be lovely for work as it gets a bit warmer (perhaps still a while off I guess!!). I don't think I have ever bought a skirt from River Island before so I'm not sure what the fit would be like - I know I have absolutely no chance getting into their jeans so maybe skirts fall into that category too, but I can try on and hope! You may remember I said I wanted to wear more 'feminine' things this year instead of just leggings all the time and I would love to wear either of these skirts. The dogtooth pencil skirt is again £20, as is the yellow knitted Chelsea Girl one. 

Finally, according to ASOS it's all about the fluorescent colours this season, and whilst I can't say any of their clothes or accessories are doing it for me I quite like this trio of Models Own polishes for spring/summer. 

What have you got your eye on this pay day? 


Sunday, 22 January 2012

#22 Life according to my iPhone - Week 3

L - R

  • Milo sat on my knee this afternoon
  • My dads tea one night this tea, what a 'man' tea, pile of meat!
  • My lunch this week - ham roll and frappacino
  • Friday lunch a bit more exciting - chicken caeser & jalpeno Bagel Nash and a bigger frapp!
  • Banana, grapes, yogurt and crunchy oats, a snack I've been having lately 
  • Milo
  • Starting a new book this afternoon 
  • A quick tea last week - wedges, chicken, rice and kale 
  • Watched Something Borrowed last night, been wanting to see this for ages
  • :-( So depressing 
  • An afternoon snack today, strawberries, grapes and a spoonful of Nutella
  • Filing in my Moleskin 
  • Moi 
I've only just updated to the new blogger interface, still getting used to it all! It's been a strange weekend, I haven't really done anything to be honest, I was supposed to be seeing a friend on Friday night but 20 minutes before hand it got cancelled which was frustrating to say the least, hate when things get cancelled so close to them happening. To get me through my night I turned to the fish shop, pepsi and malteasers, and Spartacus - I am in love with this programme! Does anyone else watch it? This was my phone background last week: 

Hope everyone has a good weekend, I've been having an epic blog catch up session today along with finishing my current book! 


Saturday, 21 January 2012

#21 Stir Fry, Kale, Chilli & Coriander King Prawns

So you know how I mentioned on yesterday's post how I was the kind of person who has to be obsessed with something at any given time? At the moment, it's food. I'm obsessed with cooking, reading recipes, trawling websites for the photos. I'm saving links to things I've found on Pinterest left right and centre, I've set my home page as Foodgawker

One of the things I miss most about not living in my own place is not really making my own food, not being able to just mess around in the kitchen. I'm so excited for doing it again when I finally move out! 

Last Friday everyone was out so I had plenty of time to potter around when I got home from work and this is what I came up with for tea. 

Stir Fry, Kale, Chilli & Coriander King Prawns

I admit that when I usually make a stir fry I fall under the trap of 'it's all veg, just make it all', usually with a view of halving it and having some the next day, usually finding it so tasty that I eat it all. I also can't see the point of a stir fry without noodles, noodles are one of my favourite foods. There's a place in Leeds called Wokon and I love it! Chicken Satay noodles - my mouth is watering thinking about them!! Anyway. This time I actually weighed out 30g of the bag of stir fry and put this into the wok on the hob. I usually just put them in without any oil or anything, so don't forget that if you usually use oil... leave it on its own for about two minutes and then add a packet of Amoy Straight To Wok Medium Noodles

Whilst that is cooking away on a low heat, this is a good time to make the last part - the kale 'chips'. I only began eating kale last summer, and I'm not even lying when I say I'm mad it's taken me so long to try this! It's absolutely gorgeous - it reminds me of the 'seaweed' you get at the Chinese takeaway. You can pick it up in the supermarket, it's just in a bag like lettuce is, and you basically pour some of the kale into a bowl, along with a tablespoon of olive oil. Mix it around, adding salt occasionally [read: a lot] and just making sure it's all covered. Then transfer the contents of the bowl onto a baking tray, I usually add a bit more salt now, but remember I am a tad obsessive when it comes to salt. Spread the kale around so its spaced out over the tray and put it in the oven for four minutes - or until it's as crispy as you like it. It does shrink when it's cooking so I put loads on - although I guess if you don't know that then you've never had it before, and you don't know whether you like it enough to waste loads yet...

After adding a bit of soy sauce to my stir fry and leaving it to cook in that a bit longer, I started to make the thing I was most looking forward to - the prawns! I love chilli/garlic prawns. Although sometimes when I'm eating prawns - the tiny ones - I think I can see their eyes and then I start to think of them being in the sea and it freaks me out and I have to stop eating them for a few months. Although I love food sometimes I can be eating something and think where its come from and it makes me feel sick and have to by pass it for a while! I'm a bit weird on things like that. But back to the prawns...after you've given them a wash, heat a small amount of oil in a separate frying pan, on a medium heat, then add the prawns, a clove of garlic and a finely chopped, de-seeded chilli - or however many you want. I had a bad experience a few months ago when I got a bit cocky with the chillis and thought I could handle loads - never been in so much pain. Even my mums eyes were streaming with the smell let alone having to eat it, LOL, never again!!! One chilli was enough for me. Fry this for a minute or so. 

And then it's just a matter of minutes before this is all ready! Make sure your kale isn't burning or anything. Remove your stir fry from the heat. Just before taking your prawns off the heat stir in some finely chopped coriander. You could add the prawns to the stir fry but I like them on their own so I didn't... Finally, remove the kale from the oven, I usually put it inbetween a couple of sheets on kitchen roll to pat off all the excess oil. 

And you're done! 

This seems like such a long post for such a simple meal. In reality it takes about 25 minutes once you know whats what, it's so easy, I probably don't need to tell you that!

Hope you enjoyed this post, I was hoping to do more of these types of posts if people are interested? I've been following so many more food blogs lately and have so many ideas tucked up my sleeves! 


Friday, 20 January 2012

#20 'Shopping My Stash' - Foundation

When I made my New Years resolutions this year, you may remember number 7 was 'Be Thrifty! No longer waste money on things I do not need/save more'. 

So, in an attempt to do so I set some ground rules when it came to make up. 

I'm the sort of person who has to always have something to be totally consumed with - so my 'obsession' with make up sometimes disappears to make way for other 'obsessions' I might have and this year I'm sort of determined to not let it come back. I have way more make up than I need and to be honest it just doesn't really interest me the way it did do, and it hasn't done for a good few months now. I know this blog hasn't ever been a full on - every post about make up - blog but before I came back to blogging this year I unfollowed so many beauty blogs because I just wasn't interested in reading about someone going out and buying every single eyeshadow in the new range...it all seems so pointless. I have so much make up - and in comparison to a lot of girls I know/read it would be barely a dent in their collections - that I don't like any more, don't use any more, have totally forgotten about. It seems kinda weird to me now that I would get so excited about the release of a collection and need to rush out that dinner time to buy something new. 

I went through each of my drawers - my lip drawer, my eye drawer, my face drawer, my nail drawer, my box full of beauty products - and wrote down a list of everything I have of each thing. And I'm not allowing myself to buy any more until these are finished up! 

There are three exceptions (that I can think of right now): I am allowed to treat myself to a lipstick if I want, as it is my lipsticks that seem to bring me the most joy in my collection! I am also allowed to buy a nail varnish if I really want it - although I will try to use as much restraint as I can :/ and finally, I'm going to allow myself to buy eyeliner, as even though I have a lot of it, a lot of them are a bit crap and its really only Illamasqua's Precision Ink and Urban Decay's 24/7 Liner that I can use. 

So, the foundations/face powders I have to use before buying any more: 

L - R: Estee Lauder Double Wear, Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation, MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Revlon Color Stay, NARS Sheer Glow, Samples of Illamasqua Skin Base.

The bottles of MAC, Estee Lauder and NARS are probably about 50% used so they shouldn't be hard to use. When I re bought Color Stay I was so disappointed as the colour was so different on me to how it had been a few months before. The hardest thing to use is going to definitely be Rich Liquid Foundation without a doubt. I find it so hard to work with it, it's so thick and I am sure now I have the wrong colour, it looks so orange. But, I managed to work with it for a few months and I'm hoping with the right brush, and mixing it with a moisturiser it might work out OK!

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, Maybelline Pure Foundation Mineral, Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation

MAC MSF is the only powder I will ever re-buy. I've worked my way through countless others in the past and nothing comes close to how I feel about the MSF! So for this to work I'm going to have to try and save the MSF for 'best' and use the other two up at work :( The Maybelline and Lily Lolo are about 70% each I'd say. 

So with all these foundation products to use up before buying anything else, I wonder how long it will be before I actually put my hand in my purse and make a purchase? Any guesses? 

I'm actually quite looking forward to using some products up, there's always a sense of satisfaction when you hit pan on something!

I'll do a separate post with the other bits of make up I have to use up later this month! 

Have you had any similar ideas this year about using your old stuff instead of buying new? 


Thursday, 19 January 2012

#19 Beam Me Up, Scotty

I bought this jumper a little bit before Christmas as I have practically no jumpers for work and it's winter! I love the clothes that come out in Autumn, all the mustard colours, but I don't think I've ever actually owned anything this colour.

Yes, the jumper is pretty creased at the bottom because no matter how early I try to get up on a morning it doesn't work and I'm always left rushing, so I have no choce but to do photos after I've been sat in my outfit all day ...

I absolutely love it, it pairs well with this skirt or a plain skirt, looks perfect with my new pair of red earrings, a  bun and a slick of red lipstick.

I picked these up in the Next sale after Christmas for only £2! I love them.

The only thing is, I feel a bit like a Star Trek extra or something in it. It doesn't make me love it any less but now I've drawn attention to it I have my dad and brother doing that weird hand finger thing to me when I wear it and I had someone at work emailing me photos of Captain Kirk!

Do you know what, I actually re-enacted this photo when I received it, I leant back against the blue wallpaper at work, tied my hair up and did the same pose and sent it back to him. I was going to put it on this blog but then I had a worry that someone might take it and it might find its way onto one of those 'This is why I'm single' emails that go zooming around the country - so I hastily removed it!!! Bad times, it was quite a funny pic!!! Can't be too careful when it comes to the internet I guess!!

The jumper was around £10. Does anyone else have this and feel like a Trekkie?!


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

#18 IMATS London

Back in January 2011 I travelled to London with Sinead and Paula for a fabulous weekend in London, in order to go to the IMATS. If I'm honest the best part of the weekend wasn't IMATS by far, it was meeting new faces and generally having fun in London! Shopping? Cocktails in Covent Garden? Westfield? Sinead accidentally walking right into the middle of a massive protest??? Weekend made!!!

We made the decision ages ago that we would go again this year and that time is nearly upon us! This year it falls upon the 4 -5 February. Myself and Sinead are going to London on Friday 3rd and will be up early to hit IMATS on the Saturday morning. 

I've seen some peoples posts planning what they are wanting to buy while there, last year I kinda just went without really knowing what brands were there, or having an list as such in my head of what I wanted, and due to spending restrictions I'm kinda going down that route again this year! I don't want to speak a lot, I don't really think I went crazy on make up in 2011 and I certainly don't want to start now - 2012 is when I want to use all my make up up, not replace it... That said, i am sure I will come home with a bit of a stash that I'll be showing you all! 

Are you going this year? Have you made a list or are you just winging it like me?! Tickets are available here


Tuesday, 17 January 2012

#17 - Aussie Hair - Washes 16 - 18

Hello Angels!

Just a quick one today, having to do this at work today as my internet at home is broken! Keeps going off all the time, hoping it will get fixed on Wednesday but I really want to keep up posting every day this month, so I'm sure I'll find a way around it!

I have only used the Aussie shampoos three times this past week as I have slept out a couple of times so not been home to use the good stuff, so just three pics this week - or four actually, the bottom two are obviously on the same day, I just included the one on the left to show how long my hair is getting these days! I'm really struggling to decide what to do with it, I do like long hair but it can get a bit *too* long can't it, and it's hard to do things with it...I also am not a fan of the colour atm! I don't know what route to go down with it, I get my blonde put in and it seems that a week later my roots are showing through, when I tie it up you can just see the dark, I just don't know what to do with it. I can't tell you how badly I want a big block fringe putting in but every time I go down the fringe route it looks rubbish.

Any suggestions?!

That's all for today! Washes 19+ as always next Tuesday!


Monday, 16 January 2012

#16 New York City: Day Six - 22 November 2011

So onto my sixth and final day in New York City! It was a slight rush job as we knew we needed more things from the shops so after a packing sesh where we all got a bit caught up because the majority of the things I'd come with no longer fitted in my case (always the way) me and Alix headed out to get a few things and mooch around Times Square. Sadly, despite saying for the entire holiday 'I think I'm going to end up taking most of my money home, I don't want anything' I actually ended up spending literally every penny the day before, so I had no money to buy anything :( 

 The massive ferris wheel inside Toys R Us. Amazing!!

 All the Barbies were housed in a giant Barbie House and man, were there loads! I'm seriously gutted I didn't get to buy any of the above :( From L - R - Frank Sinatra Barbie (WANT!), The Barbie House, Grace Kelly Barbie, Statue of Liberty Barbie (WANT!), a wall full of Barbz, Pillow Talk Barbie & Ken, Elvis Barbie (WANT!), Tim McGraw & Faith Hill Barbie & Ken (WTF??!!! Who knew these were that popular?! Not me!) and Farrah Fawcett Barbie. Just literally pure immenseness in this shop. <3
 Next up we popped by the Disney store and I thought this little Princess Castle was cute, as well as the wall of Statue of Liberty Minnie Mouses. I really wanted one of these too! I'm such a loser.
 And that was pretty much it, we just nipped to McDonalds on the way back - I hate going to another country and eating crappy take out food like this but I don't mind in America since it all originates from there! I had a Big Mac and I have to say it was crap! V disappointed! Not sure what Alix got, but he liked it, then we got McFlurrys, I think one was Oreo and the other Reeses Pieces. Ooh and also a slice of pizza for breakfast (ever the health freak) which was OK. 

Oh, one last set of pics, when we were packing we had the news on and they were live at the Rockefeller Plaza as crowds were gathering and camping out because the Biebs himself was going to be performing there the next day. They had this woman on who was like 40/50 years old and the founder of 'Moms 4 Bieber' I mean WTF! Anyway when we nipped out we passed them and I spotted the mom for Bieber! So Alix started taking pics of all the people, it was quite funny. I don't think I'd ever camp out for someone, would you? Not even Jason Donovan and you all know how deep my love for him goes!! I've waited in the rain for his autograph but camping on the streets! It's all a bit weird...I mean I like Bieber I won't lie...but adults camping out is plain wrong. I mean can you imagine if a 50 y o man set up a 'Daddies 4 Selena' group or something!!! WRONG!!

Anyway I hope you have enjoyed looking at my photos and reading about my little holiday, thank you for reading! If you've missed anything you can check them out here: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4 and Day 5.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

#15 Life according to my iPhone - Week 2

Jacket potato, cheese, bacon and leek for tea, watching Westlife: For The Last Time on ITV Catch Up :'(, beating my high score on Temple Run! Breakfast for the most part of the week: Yoghurt and fruit. 

Chicken, rice and salad for tea, Dinner for the majority of the week: Ham and coldslaw. The sky one night last week

Again, two more pics of the sky! How weird that the first on this line and last on the previous line were taken one after the other, neither edited, yet the sky looks wicked on the first one and nothing to rave home about on the second. Milo sitting in my room; makes me laugh how she sits the nearest to the edge she possibly could, funny cat :) saw these on intagram and love the idea for a wedding! 

Nails this week, tea last night, kale, stir fry and king prawns, wanted to make a fruit layer like this yesterday morning (pic from Pinterest) and what mine actually turned out like :( 

A poor mouse Milo brought in the house last week (it wasn't dead btw - for a change), bacon and leek pasta, getting some use out of my Amy Winehouse t shirt (finally) and Chinese food for tea last night

Hope everyone has had a brilliant week, again if anyone else has done any of these types of post be sure to leave your link in the comments so I can read! xxx

Saturday, 14 January 2012

#14 Lush - Recent Buys

It's no secret I am absolutely obsessed with Lush, I spent a good amount of money in there each month and last year spread out and tried other products aside from their bubble bars (my favourite) or bath ballistics! My last trip to Lush was a few weeks before Christmas where I stocked up on their Christmas products plus a few other bits and a few pieces for presents.

I think Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter has been on my list of things to buy for about 4 years now. And I finally picked it up! It smells AMAZING. I do love the lemony smelling things Lush stock, although I am a massive fan of Rockstar Soap and other various soaps, I can't deny the one that smells of lemons is my favourite - although looking on their website now to link you I can't find it. Have they stopped this?! I need to check this out ASAP!!

The Melting Snowman is the kind of thing I pick up just because it looks cute. It smells like marzipan, oranges, and doesn't create bubbles really, it's more one of the ones that leaves your skin feeling all silky and smooth once you've got out. 

Bubble bars are my favourite products for one reason - they can (if you use them frugally!)  last a number of baths. This actually split on the way home and the roof of the house came off. This is a gorgeous smelling product, and it has a little stick of cinnamon in the roof as a chimney! Lots and lots of bubbles - I think I got about 4/5 baths out of this Gingerbread House.

So White is just a simple bath bomb - it smells gorgeous and its perfect for a relaxing bath after a long day. It's only cheap too so makes an ideal present for people over the festive period!

 I forgot to take a picture of this before using it, but Rocketeer was one of the more 'fun' bath bombs! Dropping it in the water it leaves so many different colours, it is just like a little rocket going off in the bath! I didn't think this was a Christmas product to be honest I thought it was a permanent piece but looking on the site it seems it's actually neither, one of the reviews says an employee told her it was now discontinued. So if there are any of these in your local store I would recommend buying some! I'll definitely be having a look as soon as I get chance.

Christmas Eve bubble bar is my favourite bar to use over December and I buy quite a few (including one to save and specifically use on Christmas Eve!) It smells amazing, nothing else Lush stock comes close for me and I wish it was a permanent product despite the name, but this year it actually had a pretty strong contender in the form of  Golden Wonder...

This is amazing - in Lush's own words, it's like a pass the parcel gift with different layers. It rattles when you shake it, it's pretty big and it's the product that you don't want to just drop in the bath and walk away, you will be glued to the water until it's completely dissolved! It turns gold, then into yellow, then blue, leaving soluable stars along the way. I was lucky enough to not only buy a couple of these but also receive the Mr Frosty gift for Christmas from a friend and this has another one of these in. I'm excited to use it already!

I also picked up while I was there another Ocean Salt, and once that's used up I can take my five empty pots back to pick up a free face mask! Looking forward to this little treat!

Have you been enjoying Lush this Christmas?