Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Who Do You Think You Are?

Only a short post today. I can't believe I only have tomorrow and Friday and Monday and Tuesday left at work before I finally go away! Got so much left to do at work as well, I want to make sure I have literally nothing left when I finish and it's just seeming to be harder and harder to reach that point as there is so much to do! I also have NO idea what bag to take as hand luggage on the plane! I've just bought a new bag from River Island but its not really suitable to haul on a plane :/ New bag? :-) 

Feeling a little let down by a few different people today as well, you know when you think you know someone? And then something happens and you realise that actually, you don't know them that well at all. Yeah, that. It's been a strange day. Tomorrow will be better! I'm looking forward to tomorrow actually, going for a few drinks and food after work so that should be good. 

Who watched the final episode of TOWIE tonight? I loved it!! I can't believe Mark has left, it won't be the same without him I don't think. I even liked the twins tonight, don't know whats happened to me, I usually hate them! Did you like it? I seriously felt upset when Arg and Mark were crying! 

And as I don't like to do posts without pics, here's my last three instagrams:

Salmon fish cake, potato croquette type things, a few slices of pepperoni and kale. Love kale.

Jacket potato, pepperoni, cheese, and kale. Seriously. Obsessed with the kale.

Finished this book last night with a scone :-)



  1. You always have the yummiest food on your instagram! Making me hungry all the time haha x

  2. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome