Sunday, 6 November 2011

Reading, Watching, Listening, Loving!

Haven't done one of these for a while and am leading a pretty boring life today so thought it would be nice to do this!

These are all the books I've been reading lately, out of the above seven there are only three I would want to pick up again: Love Always, Harriet Evans. I am a mega fan of all of Harriet's books and while this didn't match up to some of her others (namely Going Home and The Love of her Life) it was still a good read and looks good on my shelf with the rest of her books :-) The Time of our Lives by Imogen Parker was nothing like I had expected; I bought this book literally years ago and have never picked it up until now. It begins in 1953, at the Coronation, and is a bit 'One Day' ish in that it revisits the majority of the characters every year onwards. Each chapter represents the following year, and I didn't know until I reached the end and looked at some reviews on Amazon that this is actually the first in a trilogy, so I'm looking forward to picking the next one up. Finally I've just finished The Beach Hut by Veronica Henry tonight and it was pretty much the perfect easy read. Chick lit, but not as predictable as some chick reads are, each chapter again representing a different set of characters along the same beach in different huts - it's left me longing to go away now! 

Have you read any of the above? 

I've just finished watching the first series of Lipstick Jungle as well. I've been wanting to see this for a while so I popped it on my Love Film list. It was *OK*. I have to admit that it was the sort of thing I had on in the background - and paid much more attention when Kirby was on screen ...

He also plays Clay in One Tree Hill, and I've just noticed that series 8 is now available on Love Film - I've pushed that up onto high priority!

Will leave you with the song I've been listening to today, the new JLS one, what do you think? 

Ooh one last thing, I have joined Good Reads recently and am friendless so if anyone is on there and wants to follow or whatever it is you do on there, here is my profile. :-) 



  1. I've read Sister and thought it was brilliant! Such a good twist!xx

  2. Only just beginning my obsession with One Tree Hill! Only just finishing season 2.

    I really enjoyed Lipstick Jungle, mainly cuz I love a bit of Brooke Shields. I was gutted when they cancelled it - mid season too! x