Friday, 11 November 2011

Friday: 11.11.11

Hello lovers!

I know this is a very common saying for me right now but the sentence 'OMG I am so tired' could not be truer today. I went out last night for some drinks and a curry and we didn't make it to Akbars until 10.45. I won't lie, part of me hoped they said they were shut so I could just go home and hit the sack! But they didn't and by the time we had finished out food I didn't get home and to sleep until around 1am, and woke up wide awake at 5.30 so now its 11 I am well an truly ready for bed. 

A very windswept mirror shot in the last pub along our trip! I'm actually rather upset to be honest because I think looking at this picture my face has definitely put weight on. Part of me just can't wait to get back from NYC and start Weight Watchers again - I had a quick look on their site for something the other day and as sad as this sounds, I miss it! I miss having that pressure every week, I really need to go back and continue on with the diet.

This picture makes me LOL - the way I'm sat with my arms over my tummy so you couldn't see it looking fat has made my boobs look huge - I look like I'm auditioning for Jugs magazine or something stupid LOL. This is the peacocks top I got the other day and whaddya know - It is the most perfect colour match for Illamasqua's Stoic which I haven't had a chance to play with until now. 

The ceiling in the restaurant! I thought it was so pretty :-) 

 First round: Poppadoms, pickle tray with champagne! 

Looking forward to seeing some of the blogging/twitter girls tomorrow at the Leeds meet up, maybe do a little shopping, who knows! Can't quite believe it's less than a week to my holiday now.

Ooh also, I solved my hand luggage dilemma today! I realised that not only did I not know what hand luggage to take I also didn't have an everyday bag, so I picked up one I've been after from River Island for a while. It's a messenger bag in a gorgeous pale pink/peachy colour. It was £25 and when I first saw it online - I'd never seen it in store - I was a little unsure how big it would be. I rang today and managed to reserve one and someone at work nipped down to pick it up for me and its huge! I was planning on taking this and my studded bottom bag too but to be honest this will most definitely fit everything in for the plane. 



  1. Lol at the 'Jugs' pic! Love the colour of that top it's beautiful! xx

  2. Major craving for a curry now! I love going to the local curry house!

  3. ha ha I know what you mean I hate having photos of me taken as my boobs always look massive...arggh

    The top looks lovely on you and I do like that bag xx

  4. Love your description of the 'Jugs' pic :D but I think you look gorgeous, that top looks amazing on you! And I'm totally with you on feeling exhausted; it's only 5:26pm here and I'm ready for bed lol. Hope you have a great (and full of sleep) rest of the weekend!

  5. Gorgeous bag. Hun you are looking so well- yous skin looks fab! :) So excited for you!! xx

  6. You look lovely here! And I love that bag! xx

  7. That top looks beautiful on you!
    And I'm jealous of the curry, my noodles pale into insignificance :(
    I love that pic, so glad someone has boobs that might be as crazy big as mine!

  8. Love the color of your top.

    The bag is great too, I'm a big fan of big handbags, my logic is a big handbag makes me look smaller, haha!

    Will stop by again soon, hope you'll visit my blog sometime and follow if you like :)

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

  9. Haha "auditioning for jugs magazine"! The peacocks top looks gorgeous and perfectly matches the eye shadow! Hope you have or are having fun on your holiday :)

  10. Love that jumper Carla, really suits you xx

  11. I've got that bag in brown! I got it it for £15, and it had a pen mark on it so I got 10% off and then I had a £5 voucher! :)