Sunday, 6 November 2011

6 November 2011

Good evening girls

Hope everyone has had wonderful weekends! My whole Saturday basically consisted of blitzing my bedroom! I threw away SO much stuff, cleared out around 1/3 of my wardrobe and at least 1/2 of my shoe collection! My wardrobe is looking a hell of a lot tidier and cleaner. I needed to go pick up a few essentials today so I went to Crown Point with my brothers. There's quite a few shops down there and I always manage to pick something up. I got a plain boring top from the Marks and Spencers Clearance Shop that is perfect for work with a skirt or trousers and it was only £4.50! 

I also spent quite a bit in Peacocks. Peacocks is one of those shops I literally never go in, the last time I went was over a year ago. I spent around £95, or £70+ with Alix's student discount. I got a new coat which pleased me, I wasn't looking for something major just something warm. I've just bought a Barbour jacket and although I'd had my eye on a gorgeous parka River Island are selling I didn't want to shell out a further £90 on top of the £80 I paid for the Barbour. The coat I got from Peacocks was just a long, warm duffel coat with a fur hood which will be good when it gets really cold. 

 Lolling at my face! It looks well stupid! I am in love with this top and already know that on the day we break up at work for Christmas (12 pm 23rd December, not like I'm counting or anything) I will be wearing this as the colour reminds me of Christmas!

I've been panicking for my trip to New York as I've heard it is now colder than originally expected and I don't own hardly any jumpers. I picked this up as it will be great to wear with something under and then my Barbour if I need to, plus it has a hood, although I don't think I would put it up, it's one of those crap hoods that makes me look like some kind of weird elf thing. 

Again keeping on the jumper/NYC subject, although I own a ton of cardis they are all really long and I think it just looks wrong and stupid to pair a long cardi with a shorter coat, so when I saw this in the G21 section in George I picked it up! It fits perfectly lengthwise under the coat and I am really pleased I found this. 

SO I think now, I have my coat, the above cardi and jumper and another very heavy jumper I think I'm kinda ready for my hols! I'm having a small shoe prob, I was going to wear Uggs but after a major blister problem last time I wore mine for a long period of time I don't think they are the right thing to take. Last time I went I actually ended up buying two pairs of trainers as my feet hurt so much but nowadays I literally live in leggings or skirts and trainers .. just look wrong with that combo. So I still need to address that... this week is my last full week at work! Cannot wait to just get away from everyday life for a bit, will be fantastic! 

On a final note, if you've not checked out Kirsty Louise's blog before there's never been a better time as the lovely lady is having a giveaway! Me mentioning this isn't an entry to the giveaway or anything, Kirsty is a lovely girl with a lovely blog and I just wanted to give her a little mention. :-)



  1. Jealous of you going to New York, I sooo wanna go! Looking fab hunnie xxx

  2. Love shopping posts :) and ooh- so jealous of you going to New York!! X

  3. Lovely buys. I sometimes buy from Peacocks and am usually pleasantly surprised, so you did very well! xx

  4. Have a brill time in New York, you lucky thing. Looks like you got some good buys xx

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  6. I so wanna go to New York I want to go for my 40th next November.
    I love all your buys they look fab.

    I will check out Kirsty Louise's blog xx

  7. Love that last cardi. Can't believe you'll be in NY with all the snow, it makes it so much prettier! Can't wait to see all the pics :)

  8. hello lovely lady! So jealous of your trip to NYC can't wait to hear all about it and see what you buy, I hardly ever go to peacocks either but they seem to have some lovely winter woolies at the moment, I love the red and cream christmassy cardi! xxxx

  9. So jel of you going to NYC! I love that hoodie x

  10. Great buys! I love the top - so sparkly :) I haven't been in Peacocks for ages...I may have to stop by next time I'm passing!

    So jealous you're doing to NYC - enjoy! xx

  11. LOVE your Christmassy jumper!!!! :)) xx