Thursday, 3 November 2011

3 November 2011

Hey girls

SOOO I've just finished watching Top Boy.. what did everyone think? Was a bit surprised by the ending and gutted about Leon! :'( It was quite good though although how I managed to stay awake I do not know because once again I am knackered! I am so looking forward to tomorrow night, get home, chill out and sleep in at the weekend! No plans this weekend thank god as well, I swear all this tiredness this week is because of London last week! I've been drinking like 2 1/2 -4 pints of water a day for the past two months or so and since last Friday I just haven't been drinking even 1/2 a pint...could that have something to do with my tiredness as well do you think? I really need to get back on it. 

Today was quite fun as one of my very close friends who I work with brought her daughter in. She's two in February and is so beautiful, we pinched her and kept her on reception most of the day with us and I just can't take the cuteness. 

She just walks around saying 'No Way!' or 'Why?' or 'Baby' allllll the time. and she can sing Justin Bieber's Baby which is toooo cute. I love her! So having her at work made the day go a bit better! 

Right going to hit the sack in the hope that I might get up early enough tomorrow to put some make up on...doubt it though :/ 


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